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  1. Tanelk44

    Two stroke guys on fourstrokes

    I've only been on a 2 stroke for 2 years now and every time I get back on a 4 stroke I feel like it's way too tame. Even a 450 seems like it would take less energy at low speed than my bike but I don't like riding slow so my bike is perfect. I bet I would be faster on a 450 but I'm happy
  2. Tanelk44

    Broken collar bone, no surgery on this ?

    I'm another vote for surgery. It was never an option for me really cuz mine overlapped by about an inch and two pieces fell off and were sitting in my muscle I guess. I was told I would have likely lost a lot of mobility and had joint pain due to the change in angle if I didn't have it repaired, and it still didn't look as bad as yours. I can't imagine walking around without a sling that is crazy! It took 6 weeks before I could lift my arm horizontal. Some downsides to surgery tho are the plate can be a big annoyance and if it gets hit it hurts bad. Also if you re-break the bone with the plate on it is apparently more difficult to repair. That risk tho can be dealt with by having the plate removed. I'm planning on leaving mine in. If you have any questions hit me up I'm sorry you are in for a long boring time waiting to bike again.
  3. Tanelk44

    250 2 stroke or 250 4-stroke?

    I ride an 05 kx250 for everything but mostly trails and hills and will admit especially coming off a 4 stroke it can be a challenge in the trails, or at least I struggled with it for awhile. The mid and upper range power makes it feel like it has no low end but it has surprised me many times chugging up hills. I don't think even on the last generation kx you will be missing low end torque. The fork has proven to be a bit harsh but that might be my fault. I say pick a bike based on condition and price and less on brand. I wanted a newer yz but I love my bike anyways! Get the best deal so you have money to set up the suspension on whatever you buy.
  4. Tanelk44

    Should I replace this helmet?

    I remember hearing from some old timers that dropping your helmet on hard ground was enough to possibly fatigue or crack a helmet. I personally consider moto helmets a one time use item. I even retired mine after a mountain bike accident. It did involve a broken collarbone but was not very intense for the helmet. Hope you are ok head injuries are no joke!
  5. Tanelk44

    MTXC series

    To the OP how did your first race go? I'm in the same boat as you but must miss the first two races due to school. I hope everything went smoothly but if it didn't I would love to learn from your experience.
  6. Tanelk44

    What year kx 250 to buy

    My stock '05 feels more powerful than by buddy's full FMF '01. But his was in need of a rebuild so they might be pretty even once he gets around to fixing it. I do like the handling of the '05 more. I personally think bike condition is more important than year but if I had to chose I would go '05-'07. I got mine for $2,300 in great condition. So you should be able to find one close to 2 grand if you wait long enough.