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  1. Hey guys gotta little bit of an issue im hoping that someone out there can help me with. I have an 09 Honda 700xx and it has been a great atv. It gets a lot of bad publicity from straight axle guys but each to their own. I love em all but that's not the issue lol. I was racing up a hill and my wheel caught a rock lodged in the ground it pretty much collapsed my rim. I brought it home fixed the wheel with a 4lb shop hammer and rode on. However, ever since that incident my atv has been behaving differently and I dunno if it's a correlation or a coincidence. Let me explain whats going on. If i run the quad through the gears on hard top all is fine runs great but if im in the hills and i break traction the throttle sounds glitchy/jumpy if that makes any sense to anyone. The valves have never been adjusted, however, it doesn't sound like chiming either. I do experience the same effect spinning on wet pavement. I am mentally convinced that it has something to do with the timing chain. Its like i can feel it in my bones. So i was researching possibilities and found that maybe the timing chain adjuster isnt picking up the slack at high rpms. Ive also read that it sounds like the engine is struggling for oil at high rpms. I've also read that the clutch basket may be causing it. ***I dont experience this is neutral or clutch revs all the way through the throttle range weather it is a steady throttle increase or a rapid increase.*** ****I took the quad to the honda shop and they claimed the battery was bad so my voltage was low causing the electronic fuel injection to not perform adequately. I replaced the battery with a new 150 buck one and I assumed that was the issue cause i test drove it and it ran fine on pavement. It wasnt until i broke traction on dirt again that i put 2 and 2 together but no biggie i truly needed a new battery anyway.**** 1. Could adjusting the valves possibly fix the issue? 2. Where is the chain adjuster's location on the engine and how do I check if it is functioning properly? 3. Could I have damaged my transmission and the glitchy feeling i am experiencing is coming from there? 4. Could I maybe need a new timing chain and gears? 5. What damage could I expect if I jump time or break timing chain (warped valves/head, etc)? 6. Could it be possibly something electrical? I know this is a lot of information to process in one message but I figured it would be best to state what I am experiencing in detail, what information I have gathered and the questions I have. Thank you all.