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  1. FV49

    First Hare Scramble...a little painful.

    MTGraves, do I know you?? You sound a lot like my buddy - almost identical and very wise advice. This is a great thread!!
  2. FV49

    First Hare Scramble...a little painful.

    Just read your post, almost an exact duplicate of my first hare scramble this year. Same bike, same start, no crash just a stall and watch my whole class ride by due to my courtesy. I've ridden lots as a kid but all trail, not racing. I do race cars so I can relate to the competitive spirit. I ended up finishing the race 6th in class, 16 riders, 2:28 straight. I did 5 tuck and rolls through the race though. I was in traction for three days afterwards and a multitude of colours all over my body. Absolutely agree with many responses here, I can relate. Nervous, check, not mentally prepared to go slow, check. Adrenaline, check. Endurance race not speed, check. Knee braces, check. The first thing I did was take some advice from a veteran rider/friend and sell my '03 WR450F and switched to a '08 YZ250F. The starts are going to suck because the e-start was amazing - I loved that bike. But 45-50 pounds is a huge difference in an endurance race. My new bike is sooo much more nimble and forgiving, more point and shoot. I don't like the lighter flywheel in the slow technical stuff though, much easier to stall. But overall I can ride the same with far less effort. I'm getting ready for my next race and the mental part is biggest part I think, just like in my car racing, you can't win in the first corner, pace yourself and lower your expectations.