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  1. simplygo

    DRZ400S DID Chain and Sprocket Kit Inquiry

    In the USA, thanks for the replies I'll do a review of the referenced resources. There seems to be many options for chain/sprocket kits, just looking for a good long lasting one. So far the local dealership referenced Sunstar Sprockets and an RK GB520XSO chain so Ive been doing a search for the cost comparison online versus other items such as DID chains, etc. Appreciate the responses.
  2. Hello, Just had an 11k service done on a 2009 DRZ400s and they mentioned it was time for replacing the chain and sprockets. Any recommendations for purchase resources for the DID gold X ring chain and replacement sprockets? The rear sprocket looks like 44, the chain is 112, still got to check the size of the front sprocket. The bike is used mostly for the street, occasionally off road but not for racing, etc. Appreciate any recommendations of long lasting items and good resources to purchase them from.
  3. simplygo

    Request of purchase resources for DRZ400s Parts

    More than happy to support the TT store if I can find what is being looked for, will try again.
  4. Hi, Ive checked the free power mod thread and saw a few photos that weren't very clear. The first photo shows a hand holding a block that I'm guessing is the RR (rectifier and regulator combo?) and step 2 photo shows the hand over the same block with the wires reconnected but it was unclear whether the block had been pulled out or was still part of the connection. My understanding is that the re-wiring was focused on going straight to the battery from the generator, eliminating that rectifier and regulator component? but I wanted to be very clear before doing this. Is there a more clear step by step youtube video or photos that are more clear on what the process is? Any feedback appreciated.
  5. simplygo

    Request of purchase resources for DRZ400s Parts

    Thanks for the replies, that superstore is the one that I'd forgotten from the past where I bought the better tale light to replace the bunky stock one, thanks for the reminder! Ive done a check at the website store here but couldn't find the specific items being looked for (stock break pads were one) Thanks also for the tire reference, I'll be looking into those.
  6. Hello, Looking for a good seller that stock OEM and aftermarket parts for a 2009 DRZ400S can be purchased from. A few of the basic parts and items being looked for below: 1) OEM Brake pads and rotors 2) The larger 10w battery? (forgot the recommended brand for the larger battery, anyone remember?) 3) Tires mainly for the street with light off road capacity, and the heavy duty tubes. The preference would be to just go to one place that had it all but accepted if multiples need to be visited. Appreciate any feedback,I'm sure this has been answered multiple times but I did a forum search and couldn't find a recent reference. Thank you.
  7. simplygo

    Request for DRZ400 Service Info Near Albuquerque?

    Many thanks for the replies, true that it probably just needs basic lube service, coolant change, etc. that can be done on ones own. Finding time has been the challenge but the holiday vacation days are coming up so I'll probably dedicate a day to it after reading the service manual that was recently downloaded.
  8. Hello All, Its been a while since Ive been on the forum, nutty bizzyness this year. The bike still runs good and its time for the 10k service, and due to great helpdful info on this forum specific to DRZ 400s, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend an Albuquerque or Santa Fe resource for full service on a 2009? Ive gone to the R&S dealers in Albuquerque and not convinced they are on track for quality service, just a perspective based on having been a moto mechanic decades ago but that was also somewhat confirmed reviewing poor feedback on R&S dealers that were seen online. Any recommendations based on experience for the Albuquerque, Santa Fe area would be much appreciated. Thank you!
  9. simplygo

    New owner

    Fork and rear shock spring/valve mods might be beneficial, depending on how it is ridden. Auto chain oilers are not an item I would rely on and they can be messy. Its better to take the time to check the chain every couple hundred miles and oil spray it manually so that it is confirmed as good, rather than assuming the auto oiler was doing what the owner thought it was supposed to.
  10. The 09 DRZ-400S I ride hits the 90s no problem although cruising is better in the 70s or less.
  11. simplygo

    battery ?

    Yuasa YTZ10S was what I used to replace the stock one, requiring a slightly modified battery holder but it was way better than stock for consistent starting of the bike even in cold weather.
  12. simplygo

    Manual Cam Chain Tensioner (MCCT) Clarification

    Thanks for the feedback, ordered the TT one (made in the US, yahoo!) and will install it this month.
  13. I looked at the Uni air filter options on the TT parts page and saw many options listed for the DRZ. If anyone could clarify the specific model that would be used to replace the stock filter on a 2009 DRZ400-S I would much appreciate it.
  14. Hello All, I'm planning a few minor mods on a stock 2009 DRZ400-S for the winter and the 1st one planned due to the simplicity and economic aspect is the MCCT. Ive checked the youtube video at the link below and truly appreciate the simplicity of it. Ive also done a search on eBay and found the APE Manual Chain Tensioner, is this the one most of you guys are using? Any feedback much appreciated. Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUvPp96hpXc
  15. simplygo

    Standard fuel tank.

    For an oil tank on a 2 stroke it could be valuable, I remember those. But the odometer is what I would use to track mileage, not a gas guage. When it hits reserve, get to a station or the gas can.