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    Besides dirt bikes, I like reading & generally anything outdoors.
  1. Kenneth100

    2007 Crf 150 Help!?

    I am planning on picking up this bike off of craigslist for $1200. Pretty good deal right? Only thing that worries me is that the bike is completely missing the end cap/spark arrestor. Does this damage the bike in any way/ make it lose power? Or do I have to buy a new end cap off of eBay with a little spark arrestor screen? I'm not able to rejet the carb myself and I can't buy a stock exhaust as 1250 is my budget. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Kenneth100

    2003 YZ250

    So This Weekend, I Am Possibly Going To Be Trading A 2005 Suzuki DR-Z125L For A 2003 YZ 250. He Doesn't Have The Experience To Ride That Bike, And I Want A Bigger One That Will Be Used For Riding At A Track And Some Trail Riding. The YZ has A Few New Parts But Will Need Fork Seals In Tue Next Few Months, While My DR-Z Is Perfect And Needs Nothing.
  3. Kenneth100

    DR-Z125L Mx

    I was just wondering if it'll damage my bike to go and try riding at a local MX Track, I won't be doing anything huge, but seeing as the suspension is pretty soft, although I'm only 125 lbs. What do you guys think? (No I Won't Do Any Racing)