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  1. simaving

    ts200r arctic cat cylinder conversion

    mines about ready to drop in,yea heads sat on backwards before you say,used an rg200 bottom end as couldn't find a ts200... got electric start now though i suppose lol....
  2. simaving

    ts200r arctic cat cylinder conversion

    to be fair this is the least helpful forum ive ever been on
  3. can anyonehelp me locate a barrel (jug) cylinder head and crankshaft for the above bike? good money paid and postage to uk will be neccesary ; ) cheers simon
  4. simaving

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    dammit just posted my supermoto in wrong thread sorry admins could you please move my pics to here? noob fail many apologies simon (posted in ohio thread which is silly as im in uk : /) cheers simon
  5. simaving

    Ohio! Where's all the supermoto's?

    heres pics of my supermoto attempt,sneakily building it in spare bedroom would you believe so mrs doesn't chew my ears off..... inspired by pictures on here i dug out a 1998 rm 125 chassis i had in back of my garage,slotted in some aprilia wheels my friend had spare,and its rapidly taking shape when bargain parts appear on ebay lol,only half suitable engine i had to hand was a TS125r which ive fitted for now,im looking to fit an RM or RMX 250 engine but ive been looking at an arctic cat conversion on here with interest but dont know if that would compare to a proper RM250? any feedback would be appreciated on this as i cant find horsepower figures for the conversion and an RM lump id guaranteed fun : ) the bike is very much work in progress so doesn't compare to the machinery on here but thought id share anyway,cheers simon : ) thanks for looking : )
  6. simaving

    my suzuki ts 200 r

    id be interested in buying the ts engine too cheers simon
  7. simaving

    ts200r arctic cat cylinder conversion

    im considering this conversion too,but by time ive sourced the arctic cat top end and a 200 crank im thinking rm250 engine would be cheaper.... how does this conversion compare to rm250 engine power wise? any rough horsepower figures anyone? cheers simon