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  1. thanks mate that will be helpful. thank you
  2. whos eric gorr? and no worries thanx mate.. and as i said im in metal fab so me and a machinest went over it and its all good as far as wear and that, so i might look at doin as u said with the wd and scotch bright..
  3. iv cleaned the power valve and im gettin a forged piston.. wiesco or watever brand that that is. as far as honing or replating or glazin i dunno yet a bit more research but thanks for the info uz help alot
  4. ok thanks braaap and everyone else cheers
  5. yer im splittin the case and i am the luckiest S O B cause the cylinders fine im in steel fab so i know a heap of machinests and metal ergists.. got it looked at and measured up the cylinder for wear on the wall and its fine just a hone and its good
  6. rear fender. brake pedal. and front wheel. unfortunatly i shattered a piston 2 days after i completed the cosmetic upgrades so now the engines being all tricked up (pic of poor kx pulled apart. and my new ktm 250)
  7. my kx250 b4 and the after