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    Excel Takasago 17x3 front and 17x5 rear supermoto wheels with Metzler M3 tires in very lightly used condition. Less than 200 miles total on the setup. Warp 9 spokes. Rear has a Talon hub with 45T Sunstar steel sprocket and OEM rear disc, and front has a polished OEM Yamaha WR450F hub (for the stock speedometer), with a Motomaster 320mm disc. Included is a DID gold o-ring chain, 14T front sprocket, and front brake caliper adapter for a truly turn key setup. Everything is in excellent condition, not a single scratch on these wheels. Came off my '11 WR450F, but will fit many different Yamahas with 20mm front and 22mm rear axles. Asking $1400 plus shipping. **Will be driving up near Atlanta, then to northern Louisiana, OKC, and down through Dallas and Houston, TX soon -- can meet or deliver if in the area (Aug 31-Sep 9)**


  2. RockerYZWR

    New Yamaha two strokes 2019!

    And just to back this up, the bike is actually on the market if anyone's interested. Possible trade deal for a YZ450FX or CRFRX. Or the new 2019 CRF450X straight up 🤤! PM if interested. 14.5 on the clock right now...not ridden much these days.
  3. RockerYZWR

    What did you do to your WR today?

    So what I meant to write the other day is I sold my trusty 2011 WR450F to a new owner who is stoked to have it and will take excellent care of it (and who I will likely ride with a bunch). I got the street bike bug again and decided to keep my YZ/WR250(300) two stroke and move the WR out. I found a gently used '04 Honda RC51 just to take out on nice days once in awhile and it is awesome, but I will miss my completely dialed WR450. What a great bike.
  4. RockerYZWR

    2018 Monster Energy A2 SX Bench Racing - Rd 3

    "Shut up, Ralph!"
  5. RockerYZWR

    2018 Monster Energy A2 SX Bench Racing - Rd 3

    It's amazing how adept Fox is to really focusing on those battles for 4th ...or 10th...when there's a really tight 1-2-3 race for &%$#@!ing 1st. Eeeediots!!
  6. RockerYZWR

    New Yamaha two strokes 2019!

    Yeah, I'm not at all a track guy. They just have a small track at this off-road trail place where I ride and I spun a few unimpressive laps on it last Sunday. I definitely prefer the trails.
  7. RockerYZWR

    New Yamaha two strokes 2019!

    Northwest - Ft. Walton Beach/Destin area.
  8. RockerYZWR

    New Yamaha two strokes 2019!

    I'm going to have to defer the question to someone smarter than me because I don't know for sure. I think it has to be either a WR or YZ first gear because the first gear pinion is part of the shaft and that you can mix and match the other gears, but I'm not 100% sure. I do know the lower 1st gear is awesome for slow speed and technical stuff, and as much as I loved a close ratio gearbox, I have noticed no adverse issues with the slightly wider gaps between gears. The 250 top end would pull it perfectly. After all, the 250X has the same 3-4-5, and the gaps between 1-2-3 are basically not noticeable compared to the close ratio gears, even on the MX track. The X should come with a full WR 1-5 in my opinion. I run a 49T rear with the 300 cylinder, and still get about 75 mph on top, which is plenty for me.
  9. RockerYZWR

    New Yamaha two strokes 2019!

    There are a number of years that work, but I used the gears out of a 1998 WR400F. Easy swap!
  10. RockerYZWR

    New Yamaha two strokes 2019!

    Yeah, you do, but it's really easy and not sketchy at all...as in really no chance of putting a hole through anything unless you try really hard. I used a die grinder with a carbide barrel bit, finished with a quick Dremel sanding, and had taped up all the bearings and then cleaned really well to keep any shavings out. You don't have to remove much material at all, and a quick trial fit with the WR 1st gear will tell you right away if you need to keep grinding. It was a piece of cake.
  11. RockerYZWR

    New Yamaha two strokes 2019!

    Oh, I love the bike! It might be the perfect dirt bike, and it's running extremely well. It's just that basically everything I own is always for sale! And if someone who was interested came along, I'd gladly talk numbers. That said, I'd love to build another one at some point.
  12. RockerYZWR

    New Yamaha two strokes 2019!

    Make me an offer! Athena 300, complete 1-5 WR transmission, street legal...less than 9 hours on the build.
  13. RockerYZWR

    What did you do to your WR today?

    That sucks, I hope you make a full recovery. I just started my WR on Sunday for the first time since late July. Gas on, choke on, a couple of twists of the throttle, hit the button...it cranked to life in approximately one revolution of the crankshaft. Having things tuned properly makes life a lot easier! Hopefully get a ride in this weekend.
  14. RockerYZWR

    Athena 300 heads

    Here's one: http://www.pdi-racing.com/athena-cyl-head-yz250lc-02-12-yz250-02-12-300cc-s410485308029/