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  1. A. Brake Lines 5 B. Brake Pads 5 C. Brake Rotors 5 I'm sort of a huge nerd when it comes to bike parts and I always want to find the best value for the best parts and I like learning everything I can about them before I order. It's a hob-session. But I love trying new/off brands sometimes also and being pleasantly surprised (such as Outlaw Racing products - really decent and well-priced stuff).
  2. RockerYZWR

    MX pants for thick thighs?

    Thor. I had two sets of O'Neals at one point and didn't like them at all. Thor is definitely a lot roomier in the seat, and Fly fits me the best and is what I wear most often.
  3. My normal course of action, but the grass isn't growing much right now, so I'm thinking wife's Highlander. A little Castor 927 will probably do the top end some good.
  4. RockerYZWR

    Just bought a 16 YZ450FX

    oops, I missed the part where you said you already got a tuner...
  5. RockerYZWR

    Just bought a 16 YZ450FX

    They are...and I don't want to pretend like I know much yet about the F.I. bikes since I only just finally got one and have only ridden it once, but running Yamaha's "slick conditions" map turned out to be perfect for me in the woods on the 450F, where as the stock all zeroes was just too crazy for me for the first time on the bike. That other map made it way more user-friendly.
  6. Sometimes bad ignition coils only act up when they get hot due to the increasing resistance from heat expansion of the copper in it. There is a coil resistance check you can do that might not even be out of spec until it's hot. Can definitely cause this.
  7. I've got that same LC2 jug and a VP jug and both are about 1/2 gal short.
  8. RockerYZWR

    New FX!

    I noticed a definite improvement in starting my new 450F with a properly adjusted idle (2000 rpm). It was just a couple hundred low and was kind of a bear to start (10+ kicks). Now it's about 4 kicks from cold and 1 kick warm just about every time. Assuming you aren't kicking ATDC on compression...
  9. That is good to know right there...this thing turned that color in the course of about two weeks. Kind of a bummer, though I guess it doesn't matter what color my fuel jug is, as long as I can still tell how much is in there. I read something else this evening saying Klotz turns brown even if left in original sealed container, but no impact to the product. Still deciding whether to burn through it in the two stroke or feed it to my 440/493 stroker tunnel ram Mopar (4 gal of premix)...
  10. Thanks a lot, good find. It came out of the can rust colored, and it had definitely been sealed. But next to that window is probably not where I should keep my fuel anyway. I'm gonna toss this batch of premix...or dump it in the wife's car has tank...
  11. I have wanted one of those Baja No-Pinch tire tools for awhile now. Any hints I drop about anything are usually missed completely and I just buy whatever it is myself. I need to buy one of those.
  12. Anybody know if this is not alright? I've had a can of this stuff, unopened since 2011. Finally decided to crack it open and some mix in with fresh premix (non-ethanol of course) for my 2 stroke YZ. Mixed it a couple weeks ago, but never ran it, now I see this happening to the fuel jug plastic. Hesitant to put that into the bike, but maybe it's just a Klotz thing. Pretty sure I did 2 oz/gal. There was no rust or anything inside the can.
  13. RockerYZWR

    "New" 2016 YZ450F 60th

    Oh yeah, gotta keep 'em guessing...$5500. Not the deal of the century, but given its condition and extras (and I really dig the 60th anniversary/Hurricane Hannah thing), I am still pretty stoked about the deal!
  14. RockerYZWR

    "New" 2016 YZ450F 60th

    I just picked up an ultra clean, true showroom condition 60th anniversary YZ450F and had to share it here! It had a legit 7 hours on it, checked with tuner (and clearly not reset), and not a spec of dirt anywhere, including the nearly impossible to clean places, and not even a boot scuff across the rear fender. Found out it came from a dealer about 40 minutes north of me, never had a single payment made on it (was probably broken in with burnouts and cold neutral rev limiter checks on the stand.....but hey, it's a Yamaha), was repo'd, auctioned, bought, flipped, and ended up with me for what I'd still consider to be an outstanding price. The flipper (a local expert hare scramble guy) had intended to ride it and had pulled the stock suspension off and put on his very nicely offroad revalved '15 suspension on it, along with a 52T rear and new o-ring chain, new rear tire (still has OEM stock MX52 front), a Works Connection skid plate and some minimalist bark busters... But life got in the way and he never rode it a single time before he had to sell it. I picked up a tuner, the right shock spring to get the sag right (fronts are good), and some aftermarket shrouds to preserve the 60th anniversary stuff (not sure it's really worth it, but I didn't want to just ruin them). I finally took it out yesterday. This is mostly flowing 3rd gear medium dirt single track with a bunch of moderately deep whooped out sections, lots of ups and downs with some rocks and drop offs, some very soft sections, and lots of fairly tight woods sections. First loop on the stock all 0's map was actually not very fun, having a new bike to figure out that also had instantaneous retard strength was borderline dangerous at times. My race sag is around 104mm, and I was pushing and whiskey throttling all over the place. Brought it back, took out a couple of clicks of fork compression, added a couple of rebound, and then loaded up Yamaha's "slick conditions/linear torque" map. Night and day difference would be an understatement. It was a completely different bike! And very manageable, even in the very tight sections, but still has full up space shuttle power when you want it (just not until about 1/4 throttle), and it comes in so nicely. That stock MX52 front has got to go...I've got a Goldentyre GT216AA (aka, the best front tire in the history of two wheeled vehicles) ready and waiting, and then I imagine I'll leave the thing alone for a good long while. I am extremely impressed with it and very happy with the purchase. I've been on a two stroke YZ/WR300 (X wannabe with full WR gearbox) with good suspension for a little while now (actually only about 18 hours on the build), and I love that bike, but now I don't know which is better - this 450 is pretty amazing. I also had an '11 WR450F that I had set up very nicely with good suspension, lots of carb tuning, and YZ cams. It was an excellent bike also, but this thing is just on a different level. It'll be a toss up with the 300 two stroke, but I'll likely only end up keeping one. I gotta say, FI is very nice and the overall package of this new(er) 450 is outstanding.
  15. RockerYZWR

    Yamaha YZ450F (2016)


    Found with 7 hours on it in showroom condition, never ridden offroad and got it for a steal!