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  1. orangeNugly

    Want a Thumper BAD!

    My friend has a DRZ 400 that is a great all around bike.the only negative that he has is that at highway speeds it gets a little light and does not feel all that safe but most street legal bikes that are good for trials are going to have some draw backs.
  2. I have 98 620exc with lc4 motor.Need to know if the large nut holding the inner hub is left or right threaded having a hard time removing it. any help is appreciated.
  3. orangeNugly

    KTM LC4 620 Whats Wrong?

    on the delarto carb(sorry about the spelling)that I have there is a hot start pull button on the side does yours have this or did that change from 95 to 96?
  4. orangeNugly

    selecting neutral

    I have a 1996 620 exc that is hard to get into neutral when it is running but it goes into neutral when it is off just fine. Just resantly had a problem with the cluch not wanting to release all the way. took the clutch apart to check clutch is fine but the inner basket has a problem. The inner basket has a lot of little wear indents on it. Did you check out the clutch baskets or just the frictions?
  5. orangeNugly

    Brandon's Cashmere Adventure

    Good job on putting that together.I have tried with a program I have and it doesn't usually come out as nive as that.