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  1. guessing your right but you can always take the water casing off first then drain it
  2. Cost is the klx 400 chain about £60 and right side cover is £10 no need for oil just lean the bike over on its stand no loss in oil..
  3. Also isnt symptoms of such like a bent shift fork make it hard to down shift or it jumps out of gear? Which it doesnt. Also if the cogs were not meshing correctly kt would also be impossible to downshift aswell? Its just shifting up from 2 nd up wards...
  4. *only
  5. Its motul 7100 10/40 full sythetic oil. Oil used it and its fine before :s , i will check the cs nut first. I dont think it is the tranny! I had the problem before somehow a little bit of plastic go into the selctor mechanism and was jamming it from going up gears easily :/ yet the o ly plastic thing is the oil pump cog what had no damage
  6. Recently did my 1000 mile oil change. And i have the problem of it gets cery hard to change gear now , 1st and 2nd are fine plus neutral to but the higher gears its very stiff and notchy for some reason clming down gears though is fine. And ideas? ... The drum and forks were fine when i split the bottom end 3 months ago. Has new clutch cable whats adjusted correctly and correct oil level . Started happening today i push it up but it seems to go half way then stop and i have to push up hard to go up the higher gears .. I assume the selector mechanise might have some crap in?
  7. i dont remeber! It was a few months back now im sure if your search drz 400 crank it will show up , yeah then buts came off...
  8. I have a youtube channel showing the sound with a bad crank and stuff check it out sound drz 400 crank should come up its a yellow Z .. Also if its like this its a big issue
  9. Its brand new i brought it last week i think an oem one ill fiddle with it may be i need to adjust it further out when its cold it be terrible but once its warm it be fine?
  10. No i carnt spell it
  11. Motul 10w40 7100 fully systhetic?
  12. Oil changes ever 1000 miles , yeah ill clean them
  13. Once the bike is hot the clutch has no affect really on the bike its hard to change gear and when im at the lights i can hear it dragging badly everything is adjusted correclty , the bike is fine when cold! But like i said the clutch seem not wanting to disenage when warm :/ any ideas? Also did notice the friction pads are burnt would that cause the issue? Or it must be a lack of oil in the clutch? (Oil levels are fine though)
  14. that sounds like all drz 400
  15. no for just the back was £110 inc fitting and for both was only £160 inc fitting so i just had them both put on and yeah it did hahahaha!