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  1. Hi guys, So my 92 is running and pretty well, but it seems rather on the lean side of things, right now I'm running a 165 main, 58 pilot and a DGK needle, I think it may be the needle, somThing to do with taper making it lean, the bike gets just under the power band and starts to stutter, kicking down a gear usually gets it going, im sure it's not meant to be that way, another odd thing is trying a wot start, the bike will rev up then completely drop the revs and almost cut and die out. I've tried a lot of different mains and pilots they don't seem to help, my needle is the best on the 4th clip, anything lower it won't clear out, anything higher the stutter tends to get even worse. What needle would be best for the CR? Dgk seems to lean. Altitude is about 1800 meters. Temp right now about 15-25 degrees Celsius summer gets to the mid 30s The bike does have a doma header and 1mm oversize piston. Running 32:1 95 octane with H1R Any help greatly appreciated Thanks a lot.
  2. Running motul transoil 10w40, I'll try clean up the basket and hub with a file and some emery paper, watched a video on how to roughen up the steel plates and get them to grip alot better, think I must measure the free play on the springs to, because they could be weak. Will let you know as I go along, just alot of slipping when I ride.
  3. Okay so I've taken the clutch apart like 2 times, the plates are not blue'd or toast and seem fine, the fibre plates I need to get the vernea calipers to measure them. Yesterday I actually stacked two plates onto one another(steel plates), so basically adding an extra steel plate, because I saw when I took the clutch apart that the previous person who owned it had 2 stacked, surprisingly the clutch worked alot better than the day before, but still the bike feels very sluggish unless that's just a 125? Never actually ridden one before. But it feels like it's very sluggish, going up like a 15 degree Hill, have to constantly shift up and down to keep abit of momentum.
  4. Hi guys, So I recently got a 1992 cr125 running after re building it for a year, while I was breaking in the motor, was going to do 1/4-1/2 throttle runs, the clutch does not fully engage, it gets to a point where it feels as if you are riding with 1/4 of the clutch pulled in and stays there, I've tried cable adjustment no luck with that, the basket has some grooves but they are not that deep as to cause an issue. Could it be the actuator pin that sits on the stator side? It seems like it doesn't want to go all the way down when the lever is released and has some play in it. Any tips on how to get it to engage properly? Thanks guys (: any help greatly appreciated.
  5. Thank you so much nino, so just tell him DGJ and he should find it? No extra numbers to identify? Hey rtv, it's really hard to ship from the states or anywhere over seas, the postal service here sucks I once waited 4 months for a parcel sitting at the post, because they are constantly on strike, that's why I order from a place called moto comp, they just don't do oem needles only keihin, thank you tho
  6. Hi guys, In the process of buying some jets, the 1992 CR125 came with the R1469NS needle as it says in my manual, what's the closest needle in keihin part numbers? The dealer here doesn't have cross reference for Honda oem needles. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  7. turned out to be the CDI unit/box, thanks for the help! sparking now yay! (:
  8. Hi guys, Have a CR125 92' model, what's the best jetting for it (pj36 standard carb)?, Elevation is 5751 feet Heat 77 - 95 Fahrenheit Bike is standard besides a doma/fmf exhaust system, it's bored over 1mm from stock too. Basically just wanting to see if one has to factor in mods that have been done to the bike, in order to jet properly, the bike needs new jets too. Thanks!
  9. I havnt filled the bottom end with trans oil yet. All seals have been replaced and the inner lips greased, so on so forth, the bikes 90% back together. I took the CDI unit to work, checked all the wiring everything put it onto the bike, tried to kick it over with my hand and the plugs diode near a stud/bolt to see if the spark would jump and it was dead, even tried shocking myself, nothing. I have two different plug caps that I checked, the one gives quite a good reading the other not so much, so I used the one that was more responsive to the multi meter, after testing them both. I have cut about 1/4 inch off of each side of the the lead wire to see if I'd get any spark, maybe a corroded wire, but nothing. When testing the secondary coil you can get the reading through the plug cap it reads 18.50 when set on 20k ohms.
  10. My kill switch is brand spanking new haha! Tested it for faults, there were none, used the beeping function on the multimeter to check the switch, works as it should, and it was disconnected everytime I tried to get a spark. Still completely dead. I've found a place that repairs CDIs and should have coils, I'm so sure it's either one, tested the ignition coil just now with a better tester, only reading 0.18 now nowhere near the 0.4-0.6 that it needs to be. Have also tested all the wires for any shorts and they are all good to go. Stator seems to be fine no shorts to the timing plate sitting at 250 ohm And excitor coil sitting at about 72-76 ohm says it should be 40-140.
  11. ive sanded down the areas where coil meets the frame, and cleaned the coils contacts too, quite awhile ago, still no spark. literally checked everything, i have this other cdi box but its not oem, it has a lot more connections, but was previously on a different 92 i bought to use as spares. Not sure how to connect that up or if it will even be compatible.
  12. hey guys! so i have a 1992 CR125R ive been building and restoring over the past year, now that the motor is back together and everything, i decided to see if it sparked and it was completely dead. Had a look at my manual, and tested some things, the readings stated in repair manual for, exciter coil: 40-140 ohms or so, stator coil: 180-280 ohms, primary winding on the coil 0.4-0.6 ohms and what ive read from the net secondary winding somewhere over 10000 ohms. my readings where as follows, stator 253 ohms, exciter 82 ohms, primary coil (low resistance) 0.2 ohms, secondary coil ignition 13k ohms. im not quite sure whether it might be CDI box/unit or the ignition coil, anyone willing help me out with some advice before i start replacing things unnecessarily? ive tested spark plug lead and wire for resistance and continuity both are good, and the plug itself continuity is there, since it is brand new! i have a spare CDI box, been chopped and changed quite abit by previous owner, going to have to solder on original connectors. planning to do some more tests later on as i forgot to check for shorts on the stator. thanks guys! really want to get this little bike going, for my dad!
  13. Hey guys I received the carb, the guy was kind enough to give it to me for free! I put in the 172 main 45 pilot and CEJ needle, I think I should try do a plug chop, never seen the bike smoke so little before, minimum smoke, but there was no hesitation or pinging anywhere in the power band bottom to top, just smooth! Flippen amped on this carb it's amazing! The idle was quite low, and air screw didn't really increase it at all, I was scared I was going to foul out a plug again, so maybe pilot circuit is rich? Think I'll leave it that way though. Thanks for the help yet again guys saved me alot of money haha!
  14. The guy here can only get keihin needles, he said he can get the CEQ needle, close but not identical as he says, think that'll be alright?
  15. Hey guys, thank you for all the help so far! I think this summer is going to be mad, it's not even spring yet and it's hitting the 30 degree Celsius mark mid day. Do you think I should go leaner on the jetting? Temps will most probably mid 30 early 40 degree marks. Found a place that sells all the jets I need at good prices! Amped on that. Thanks again