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  1. I'm not sure where Chester PA, but if it's near the OH-PA state line, I know CRA does plenty of harescrambles in Northeast/eastern Ohio. I think there's even one in PA.
  2. My riding group consists of 3 to 6 KTMs, a Suzuki, 1-2 Hondas, and one Yamaha (me). No Kaws oddly enough. Go Blue! (unless we're talking football, then go Bucks!)
  3. Winter. NE Ohio isn't too kind during the winter. it's either bitter cold, or bitter cold and wet. I'll take out the bike if we get a lot of snow just for fun but other than that, winter is meant for snowboards.
  4. I don't know much about what a motocross bike would need, but an ESSENTIAL piece of equipment for offroad/trail is tugger straps. Mine have made a world of difference.
  5. Is any certain brand or type of risers better than others?
  6. Extremely jealous of your riding club at school. just saying. there's not even a club that cool at the college i'm at