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  1. hummmm? shop manual states to remove the screw to remove the radiator cap, install the radiator cap and then reinstall the cap holding screw. so Honda would like the screw to stay in place with the radiator cap installed, so I would have to say no to being installed for shipping purposes. maybe it's there to prevent unwanted radiator cap removal when the coolant is hot. prevents some dummy from burning himself or others nearby. Paul
  2. crfpaul1

    What was your first Honda m/c and when?

    off-roading 1n 1962 0n my 1962 Honda trail 55 model c105t. I had to slide forward off the seat and with one foot on a peg I would dab the other on the ground Paul.
  3. crfpaul1

    How do I prevent this from happening again?

    split fuel hose
  4. crfpaul1

    Getting rid of the long front break line?

    from www.helusa.com, contact jim miller 1-814-489-3379 50" center to center of the fittings, 20 degree bottom and 90 degree top fittings. 90 degree top fitting allows the line to be rotated towards or away from the handle bar to clear accessories. outer protective casing starts 12" from the center of the upper 90 degree fitting. new stainless line allows your brake( feel) to be the way it should be, not mushy.photo is with forks fully extended. Paul
  5. 13t front 42t rear= 13.077% lower overall gearing ratio, 6318 rpm@55mph 14t front 45t rear= 12.500% lower overall gearing ratio, 6286 rpm@55mph both results with std. 120/80x18 rear tire. Paul
  6. oops, stock 14t front sprocket 40t rear sprocket std 120/80x18 rear tire =5588 rpm@55mph. and I read it twice before I posted. Paul.
  7. std 14t front sprocket,optional 43t rear sprocket,std 106 link chain, std 120/80x18 rear tire all work together. there is not room for a larger diameter rear tire which would just about defeat your rear sprocket change. 14t/40t 120/80x18=5588 rpm@55mph std sprockets and tire 14t/43t 120/80x18=6007 rpm@55mph optional, works with std chain length of 106 links. 13t/43t 120/80x18=6469 rpm@55mph optional, works with std chain length of 106 links 13t/42t 120/90x18=6093 rpm@55mph optional sprockets with larger diameter rear tire, (Dunlop d606) 13t/40t 120/80x18=6017 rpm@55mph optional 13t front sprocket std rear sprocket and std rear tire 120/80x18 std 106 link chain. 14t/44t 120/80x18=6143 rpm@55mph optional rear sprocket with 108 link chain. this my all round setup, works well with my stock motor and my 200 lb weight. 1st gear is low enough for plunking and 6th gear works well for 55-60 mph cruse. Paul
  8. crfpaul1

    Gils Crf250L

    if your bike is still falls under the manufacture's 12 month warranty, I would advise installing a genuine Honda branded oil filter. part number #15410-kyj-901. Paul.
  9. crfpaul1

    WHY didn't you ride your CRF today?

    for those interested, rear shock removal and reinstall, I suggest you have a helper to assist with lifting the rear wheel/swing/arm to remove and install the shock and linkage mounting bolts while the bike is supported on a stand or crate. you will need at least 15" clearance from the lower shock mounting bolt and the ground in order to slide the shock down and out through the front of the swingarm remove the (4) lower 10mm shock and linkage mounting nuts and bolts, remove both lower linkages. remove the upper shock 10mm nut and bolt. slide the shock down and out. now is the time to grease your pivot linkage bearings and bolts. slide your shock up into position and install the upper mounting bolt but do not tighten yet. reassemble your lower linkage pivots and bolts with nuts. the bolt with the 17mm head mounts the lower linkage to the swingarm, this nut and bolt gets torqued to 55 ft lbs. the upper shock 10mm bolt and nut and the other lower linkage and shock mounting 10mm bolts and nuts are torqued to 32 ft lbs. recheck your work for complete finish. Paul.
  10. crfpaul1

    WHY didn't you ride your CRF today?

    did not ride today , busy installing my racetech fork spring kit, gold valve kit, new racetech rear shock new front and rear ties. Paul
  11. crfpaul1

    Larger grip recommendation

    Progip 714's for my street bike Progrip 737's for my dualsport, soft anti-vibe larger diameter. been using them both for many years Paul.
  12. crfpaul1

    Fi diagnostic trouble codes

    SCS service connector bridges blue to green at the data link connector. CRFPAUL1.
  13. crfpaul1

    Clunky G/box

    please check your drive chain adjustment per your owners manual.with 900 miles and not knowing if you lubricated the chain regularly, a very loose chain can whip around during down and upshifts.so time to check adjust and lubricate the drive chain per your owners manual if needed. crfpaul1
  14. crfpaul1

    Heated Grips

    symtec grip heaters work well, have been using them for 15 years on dual sport bikes, along with a good handguard your hands stay nice and warm playing in the dirt, mud and river crossings. I prefer heated gloves for pure street use, warm hands at any speed and I do not have to worry about getting them muddy or swimming in a river crossing.so for me it's symtec grip heaters for off road, your hand and finger movement pumps warm blood through your hands. heated gloves for pure street riding, complete cozy hands all day at higher street speeds. just my 2 cents. crfpaul1
  15. crfpaul1

    Wire Harness splice Switched Power

    no need to add more circuits, more wire, more fuses etc. you already have 2 fused lightly used circuits. I powered my hot grip switch and gps power port from the left handlebar switch black/orange wire that powers the horn button.cut this wire on the switch side and install in series either a double or triple female bullet connector receiver.install a bullet connector onto the other end of the black/orange wire and to your new power wire that you want connect the black/orange receiver. presto, fused black/orange wire now is able to receive 2 additional power taps and its a small connection hidden behind the headlite.. crfpaul1