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  1. RedMesa

    Pulled the trigger.

    I rode Kevin's bike and it is a race machine, pure and simple. Seat like sitting on a log. Wrong bike for probably 80% of buyers but it's a luxury brand and status symbol. You get an orange front plate for your car and an orange watch for your wrist and you are styling. All that counts is the look
  2. RedMesa

    Pulled the trigger.

    Jeff, that is great. Cheaper option. I just added it to the Notebook. Thanks for the feedback. I can't remember anything so I write it down as I do it, on the workbench. Then later I check the contents for any issue that comes up on the bike. Usually find all kinds of stuff I totally forgot about.
  3. Appreciate the feedback. While I don't own an XR400R, I feel like I am giving one of the best features a new life: those amazing conventional forks. I did ride a 400R in Baja and was impressed! Too much bike for me but truly a high point in the Honda history.
  4. RedMesa

    Pulled the trigger.

    Jeff, see "Resetting the rebound clickers" here http://bit.ly/2Rgnujo Also last night I put up sag numbers for the stock springs. And don't forget your 19 gallons of fork fluid, very important
  5. RedMesa

    Header Wrap

    You can't see it in the picture, but there are standoffs of 1/2-inch aluminum U-channel between the shield and the pipe. This does provide an air gap and reduces temperatures somewhat. The standoffs are mentioned in the PowerBomb writeup here http://bit.ly/2FicPDF
  6. RedMesa

    Header Wrap

    I have a heat shield over my PowerBomb which helps with quick light contacts from the side. Yesterday I fell which is not unusual. But for the first time my right back of knee really hit the header. I got off fast but it melted through my Klim pants and tights underneath and then stopped. But I was left with a blister. As you can see in the pic, there is melted nylon within two inches of the exhaust port. Something about this fall really got my leg in there. Given that I have been trapped under the bike for several minutes at a time in rocks, this experience got me thinking about reducing the header risk. Having a 500 degree surface inches from your body is not the safest design. Seems like an exhaust wrap would help reduce the surface temperature. Yes, it will increase head temperatures somewhat but I do run synthetic oil. https://www.amazon.com/SunplusTrade-Exhaust-Motorcycle-Fiberglass-Stainless/dp/B01KVYH66U/ And I am willing to give up some engine life or whatever for increased safety. This was a very small burn but it gave a strong hint. Anything I am overlooking?
  7. RedMesa

    Manual Cam Chain Tensioner Bummer

    At present I can't get motivated to do major lightening (cost/time/benefit) but am always very interested in the topic and new R&D.
  8. RedMesa

    Pulled the trigger.

    Thanks. Figured it out and got 12 clicks back. The 400R Service Manual is not up to the usual Honda standards. 19 gallons of fork fluid, no torque specs for pinch bolts, etc. I added a new section under forks here http://bit.ly/2Rgnujo
  9. Great explanation, thank you. I lost 6 clicks during a fork swap and you confirmed my take on how to fix it. Quoted at http://bit.ly/2Rgnujo, forks section.
  10. RedMesa

    Procom CDI Review

    Any engine is loud to hikers, MTBs, and equestrians. This is a big deal on the public lands because motorized trail riders are a tiny minority. When I am mountain biking I always cringe at the noise and generally the discourtesy of motos. Sonic vandalism, trail vandalism by spinning knobbies instead of using trials tires (for dry trails, not wet trails), and breaking the law by racing past everyone else instead of slowing to a crawl. It's amazing we have any trails left. Yesterday I tried the "TooGoo" baffle with half the holes closed. My butt dyno detected no difference. But the sound is definitely subdued. And of course the silicone hose is a major fashion statement There were a bunch of MTBs around so I was happy to be making less noise.
  11. RedMesa

    Pulled the trigger.

    First test ride, mostly breaking in the seals and bushings. No comments on springs or damping yet. V-shaped gully: full compression of fork is soft, no hint of fender hit Climbing up ledges slowly: Very commanding, goes where you point it. Very solid front end. Tight turns in trees: Does not seem any different in turning ability. The 400R upgrade raised the front end of the bike by 10 mm relative to stock and raised it 19 mm relative to the previous 150RB forks. Standing is a bit easier. With the PowerMadd riser, the 400R bars are 51 mm higher than stock and 18 mm higher than previous 150RB triples. Unfortunately I reassembled the caps wrong so the rebound clickers only have 6 clicks instead of 12. The Service Manual says nothing about this. BTR caught the problem. So I get to pull the forks.
  12. RedMesa

    Pulled the trigger.

    I put pix and weights here comparing stock, 150RB and 400R forks http://bit.ly/2qBMIxp
  13. RedMesa

    Rear Footpeg Position Mod (PICS)

    For updated info and pix of risers see http://bit.ly/2Phva8t
  14. RedMesa

    Pulled the trigger.

    Left seal, the 400R fits. See the diagram above. Right seal is not straightforward. 400R ID is huge to fit the speedo hub. 230F ID is too small for 17 mm axle. It looks like a 50 x 24 x 5 mm seal would work. Not finding these. In inches: 1.968 x 0.944 x 0.196 BTR points out the bearing is sealed so he is not overly concerned. I would like a seal also if we can find one for a couple dollars.
  15. RedMesa

    Pulled the trigger.

    Jeffrow, yes I used the 230F wheel. The 400R distance collar has to be cut down from 60 to 56 mm. I did this with a tubing cutter and hacksaw.