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  1. RedMesa

    Uncorking 2009 CRF230F

    Working on the carb https://www.rickramsey.net/CRF230Fcarb.htm Detailed info on uncorking http://bit.ly/2jsi1qM Since you have a 2009, see "Changing the carburetor needle on a 2008 and later model" in the above
  2. Today is the fourth anniversary of my purchase of a bone-stock 2008 CRF230F. This is now my favorite bike but it was a long strange path to get here. For general entertainment I'm going to excerpt my notes, some of which are pretty funny in hindsight. For context, I was coming from a bone-stock 1982 XR200R. I had called around and thought that a "suspension upgrade would be ~$1000 w/labor. Just not worth it, yet I am at the limit of the suspension for tough trail riding: "My old 200 always was a little sensitive over the rough stuff; it would bounce around fiercely and was unstable when pushed hard. The 230F seems to track much better. I know it's heavier, but the stronger frame and better suspension add stability" (Rick Ramsey). So, I had discovered Ramz and decided I needed a CRF230F..... I bought the bike in Durango CO and pulled off for a test ride in northern NM. And here is what I had to say: "Rode up onto hills and some cross country. Sandy but not horrible. Just enough gullies and rocks to give me a sense of the bike. Impressions: -Narrow -Well-balanced; feels lighter than the XR. -More point-and-go. -Forks more progressive; on sharp gully, made sound but did not lock up. -Rear is more progressive; does not bounce around as much. -Throttle more linear, does not stall out as easily. -Louder than expected, has a BRAAAP in the upper midrange. Rode for an hour, 11 miles. " Wow, that rear shock was really great! And the forks too! Little did I guess how much money I would putting into that suspension. Below is the bike after that ride.
  3. RedMesa

    Engine Break-in: Truth, Lies, and What You Really Need to Know.

    "watch the effects" through instrumentation... what a concept! Great post.
  4. RedMesa

    Proper Motorcycle Engine Break-In After Rebuild

    OK, you called the guy a name. Could you perhaps refute his argument with facts and reasoning? That would be a lot more helpful. Here is a very experienced tuner and dyno owner who does break-in with a similar approach
  5. RedMesa

    Add lights to CRF230f stator winging

    The Trail Tech (SR-8260) 70W Stator DC Electrical System Kit is $175 on Amazon. This is a low price; sometimes it goes up to $195. Rocky Mountain is also $175. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DZI1EJA/ Install instructions http://gallery.trailtech.net/media/instructions/lights/stators/010-ELV-122.pdf Video https://youtu.be/6TfDWlQ81wI I am buying this partly for the automatic start / shutoff of lighting, which I liked on my XTrainer. But also I want to operate my RUN-D LED lights all the time for conspicuity... too many crazed quads out there. And sometimes motos also. Daytime running lights could save a half-second which could make the difference. The RUN-D's pull 1.28 amps x 12.76 volts = 16 watts each. So two are 32 watts. In theory this is under the 40 watts that Frickin' Jim has stated as the CRF's power budget. But I find the LEDs run down the battery. With the engine on, they drop the voltage by 0.5 volts. After awhile the battery goes to to 12.3 volts and then it won't crank. Bump starting can be impossible in sandy badlands, canyon bottoms, etc. Some add windings to the stock stator (post above) https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1264404-add-lights-to-crf230f-stator-winging/?do=findComment&comment=14341697 There is some debate over stator quality but I will go with the TrailTech https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/758384-they-dont-call-them-risky-stator-for-nothing/?hl=stator Will report on the install
  6. RedMesa

    Puff the Magic Squish Band

    You actually have two threads going with the same name. You can see them here https://thumpertalk.com/forums/forum/50-crf150fl-crf230fl/ Is your stuff in the other one?
  7. RedMesa

    Puff the Magic Squish Band

    Hear a lot about this bike so had to look it up. Wow. 225 lbs and 63 horsepowder. And the best RSU (right-side up) forks BTR has ever run? That is a bitchin' bike. https://bikez.com/motorcycles/honda_cr_500_1987.php
  8. RedMesa

    Procom CDI Review

    BTR, you are probably right. Problem is, the stock baffles (diffuser) are seldom on eBay (everybody throws them away) and new cost around $150. Anybody have a spare lying around?
  9. RedMesa

    230 woods weapon over beta, Sherco, husky

    You got it. Devil is in the details and Honda gets the details right. I lost $5000 in two years so I guess that counts as personal experience Here is my review of the pros and cons of the AJP PR4: http://bit.ly/2eIIKka You were lucky to miss buying it, IMO.
  10. RedMesa

    230 woods weapon over beta, Sherco, husky

    The best thing out is the new XC gear Mako set up. Pretty sure it will be product of the year but it has every flexbar lover ready to buy and there is a big difference Looks good. But $400 and not available for the CRF230F yet. https://shop.xcgear.com/collections/mako-360-handle-bar-mounts
  11. RedMesa

    Procom CDI Review

    Well, we have gotten on a bit of a tangent. This very seldom happens in this forum Really interesting study, especially the new follow up https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0003682X17309945?via%3Dihub It looks like the key is a good calibrated microphone: $120 https://www.amazon.com/MicW-Calibrated-Measurement-External-Microphone/dp/B00510Y3KC I have consulted with the guru BTR and he agrees that such a microphone, if purchased, must be powder-coated red to work with a CRF230F! But seriously, this is good but not cheap. For tuning of sound level, I'm thinking that a better app with weighting may be sufficient. This will show relative differences, not absolute calibrated dB.
  12. RedMesa

    Procom CDI Review

    Nexus 7 2013 tablet running “Sound Meter” app I believe the USFS field test (SAE standard) is supposed to use a calibrated and dedicated meter. The procedure does mention "Set sound level meter to the slow dynamic response and the A-weighting network (if equipped with this option)." That relates to your comment on weighting.
  13. RedMesa

    Procom CDI Review

    It will take some experimentation. Smart phone with a sound measuring app may help to judge relative noise level... On the other hand as you point out testing is challenging. Background noise was fairly low and consistent but as you point out it is a confounding variable that I did not control for! I will update the section with this caveat. Thanks for pointing it out.
  14. RedMesa

    Procom CDI Review

    Hi Giovanni, please report on your results with the Swiss Cheese... that will be very interesting Yes, it is strange. I did expect the PowerBomb to be quieter so that was a surprise. It is possible my test / data is wrong but I tried to do it very carefully.
  15. RedMesa

    Procom CDI Review

    My original baffle is in a landfill somewhere. So I bought a “Bikers Choice Exhaust Pipe Baffle 1-1/2" OD Steel 64301 492611”. Before installing the ProCom I tried riding with and without the baffle. Could not tell any difference in power or sound. After installing the ProCom it made a difference. Notes from 11/11/16: "Stopped and removed the baffle. With the ProCom CDI I really noticed that it seemed plugged up and less free revving. Just kind of moaning with back pressure." "The bike would just not howl up test hills. I compared it back to back with open muffler and the difference was very noticeable. It didn’t seem to lower the noise level much so I left it out." So this baffle, for me, not only reduces power but does not reduce noise. I confirmed this with sound level measurements. With or without the baffle: 86 dB With PowerBomb, with or without the baffle: 87 dB Test details here https://docs.google.com/document/u/2/d/1mEsw891e5HUdLIrq4yYQzm2QCsRgK-ihDkrL_fu7_iA/pub#h.nor3lvjbpjz0 Ramz on diffusers aka baffles https://www.rickramsey.net/CRF230Fmods.htm PowerBomb fits stock exhaust perfectly. Notes and pix here https://docs.google.com/document/u/2/d/1mEsw891e5HUdLIrq4yYQzm2QCsRgK-ihDkrL_fu7_iA/pub#h.duu8h1kvn3m3 I would give up a little power for more quiet but have not found a solution. Maybe I should try a ""Swiss-cheese" perforated baffle can" which is bigger than the Bikers Choice??