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  1. My experience is here under "Riding Impressions" It all depends on the environments you ride in and the way you ride. I ride in rocks and I jump a little. The Hagon was a stepping stone for me. BTW, Bruce did no setup for me. He had the shock drop-shipped. And the stock spring is totally off for any riding weight above maybe 190 lbs. Just remembered he is now US distributor so it sounds like things have changed.
  2. I did not realize Bruce can work on the stock shock. When I talked to him in Sept '14, I don't recall that option and it is not mentioned in my notes. He sold me a Hagon which was a big step up for awhile but it became a limitation in more rocky technical riding.
  3. BTR has some notes here
  4. I put up pics showing the hose angles on these XR250R shocks
  5. As usual, the physical environment drives the technology requirement. We are riding in a range of very different environments. Silt is like flour, "silt particles range between 0.0039 and 0.0625 mm, larger than clay but smaller than sand particles" BTW, I would not be at all surprised if a setup that does well on silt does less well against larger particulates and vice versa. There is a lot of weird physics going on down there at those scales. Throw in some fluid dynamics of turbulent and laminar airflow and it gets real complex.
  6. Sorry, I was thinking of linseed oil
  7. I think it is still used as specialty paint thinner and wood preservative?? IIRC, one interesting feature is rags soaked in turps will spontaneously combust after a few hours!
  8. In the US, "turps" means true turpentine (distilled tree resin)
  9. Wow, thanks for sharing that. Science! Really interesting.
  10. Interesting. Could that have been a bad batch or were they are different times? I have about 600 hrs on my Twin Air with no problems but that is a sample size of 1. BTW I have compared mineral spirits to pure acetone and hot dish detergent, and it works great for cleaning. No comparison.
  11. Maintenance day and I am wondering if there is any functional difference between UNI and TwinAir. VortecCPI has pointed out that the CRF230F has modest aspirations so I doubt there is any performance difference. Both have two layers of foam. The UNI outer foam seems coarser (larger cells) whereas the inner foams seem more similar. Wondered if anybody has any actual experience comparing the two.
  12. I am in the Phoenix area for a few weeks and wondered if there are any fanatical followers of the CRF230F around. Yesterday I rode a spine that was amazing. I'd like to capture a single rider going up it with my quadcopter flying alongside. A little scary but not difficult. PM me please.
  13. Yes, that would be better
  14. Here is what I did
  15. The last Baja video. Another afternoon jaunt with Mike and a little extra on the end. This is the first time I have used a backpack boom with a dirt bike. It is a different perspective. What do you think of the visual effect?