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    XR250R vs XR400

    Wow! Thanks a ton! That really helped me a bunch.
  2. SteffOnMeth

    XR250R vs XR400

    Hey all! So i'm really new to this but i was wondering if you guys could help me out. I currently have a 2003 CR85RB that is mint, all cleaned up, ready to sell. After that my goal is to get an XR. At first i was going to get a 250 but then i was figuring if i can legalize it (i live in CT if this helps..) for the road, then i should get a 400. The thing is one of my buddy was saying how although 400s do have more power, they don't necessarily go quicker. He said that the power/weight ratio on the 250 is better so i should get that. Is this true? I will be using this for trail riding for a year or two before i get it for the road. Anyways, what is better an xr250r or an xr400? Pro's and cons of each? I am also probably going to go for a bike that's 2000 or up(as in year) Thanks guys!