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  1. Hey guys got a new 125pitbike what is the best fuel to use
  2. Sorry bud cheers for the help
  3. Ye dats it but i tightend it down and its soft so im guessing its buggered also wat are the blu adjusters on the top ?
  4. Spring tension bud ye im not sure wat brand it is guy told me to adjust the two above spring
  5. Hey iv tryed adjusting my rear shock pretty much on full it was way to soft and it still is soft as is it buggered or is it a standard chinese shock ne suggestions ?
  6. Cdi

    Ok cheers bud
  7. Cdi

    Ok so i was told to gt rid of my stock cdi and get a after market one do i need to or are they just after my $
  8. Cdi

    This may sound dumb but im new to this stuff so... What does a cdi chip du and do i need 1 for my pit bike
  9. So wats a good bike to learn on not to pricey y is that bike no good ?
  10. Are they any good
  11. . Thats the bike is it a thumpster 125 grunt
  12. Its just to muck around on get a more familiar with riding bud ?
  13. Hey guys im thinking of buying a 125 grunt any good
  14. Haha hey wana buy a bike lol
  15. Haha is da bike that bad isit