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  1. Scooter1m

    2000 KX 250 Won't Start

    Def install a fuel filter,I got one on each of my dirtbikes
  2. Scooter1m

    My 2001 KX 250 build

    You should of got the steel braided clutch line for your magura. That's what I got on mine, I changed mine the day I received the magura clutch. So much better!! Also get a short clutch handle for the magura. So much better.
  3. Scooter1m

    Cleaning Aluminum on 01 250

    Wd40 and scotch brite pads work the best. Besides soda blasting. Be careful with aluminum brightener, it starts to destroy the aluminum if it's left on to long.
  4. Scooter1m

    2006 yz250 clutch problem

    Did you soak the clutch plates in oil
  5. Scooter1m

    I need help finding out whats wrong with my yz250

    Change the oil and put a new spark plug in it. Start there..
  6. Scooter1m

    My kx 250 " freak show"

    You said you just got an 05 kx250 frame, why did you cut out the bottom half of the frame. Now your welding In, please don't say the 93 bottom frame. If you want to use an older engine. I just add motor mounts. Unless it's a 4 stroke conversion. Post up some clearer pics if you can and you will get a lot more help and advise. Hang in there.
  7. Scooter1m

    Can't find a tall seat for a 2015 YZ 250

    I got my tall seat from sdg for my 06 yz250.
  8. Sounds like time for a rebuild, I just bought a 06 yz250 and it had a full rebuild done to it right before I got it. New crank and piston and all new gaskets. So I rode it a couple of time since I got it I just did a compression test and only got 125 psi. So the guy must have done the rebuild a lot later then he told me. So I just ordered a weisco piston kit with gaskets. It still starts up first kick. But better to know for yourself or the hour meter I just put on won't mean anything. Order a good piston kit with gaskets and bearing. Weisco has the best piston because they are forged. So you can just change the rings next time you do the rebuild. I always change everything every top end rebuild I do
  9. Scooter1m

    Kx 85 topend

    A new weisco top end is only $100 for that bike. Weisco pistons are the best, they are forged and will last twice as long as a stock cast piston. Usually people will install a piston for $100-150
  10. Scooter1m

    New bike! 99 kx 250:) has couple problems though

    I have the same exact bike. My tank did the same exact thing. I used a nutsert and glued it in the hole. Just get a 6mm nut and glue it in. Put the nut on the bolt and glue in in that way so glue doesn't get on the threads. Second take off your stator cover, grab the flywheel and try and shake it up and down. If it moves at all your crank bearings are bad and need to be replaced. Don't risk riding it if something is wrong
  11. Scooter1m

    95 kx250 no spark

    Make sure the coil is grounded to the frame good and there's no rust under it. The coil needs go contact to the frame
  12. Scooter1m

    2015 YZ250 Build Thread

    Ok thank you that would really help me out
  13. Scooter1m

    2015 YZ250 Build Thread

    Hey 9formula7skiddoo, can you save the gas tank decals for me when you take them off. If you can lay them on something that they can peel off would be great. Would help me out a lot thanks again for the plastics
  14. Scooter1m

    2015 YZ250 Build Thread

    I just received my 2015 yz250 plastics from 9formula7skidoo!! They look awesome. Thank you so much. He did an awesome job packing them up also.....
  15. Scooter1m

    01 kx250 pro circuit works forks help

    I didn't have the forks here I just received them. I don't really see them pc caps that much.