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  1. ThumpinXRR

    Z50 high compression piston

    I received a call last week from the new owner of Powroll! They did not close up shop they are just in the process of transferring ownership and are beginning new work now! The new owner, ( who I spoke with) said he can not access the previous owners voice messages and the best way to get ahold of him is his cell # which he also gave me. Just thought someone would like to k ow they are still in business!
  2. ThumpinXRR

    Carb opinions for a new to me 96 XR400

    No it has the snorkel is removed has k&n filter fmf power Bomb header and factory slip on with the baffle modified
  3. ThumpinXRR

    Carb opinions for a new to me 96 XR400

    Ok I am around 1000 ft so might have to try the same jetting for starters and go from there
  4. ThumpinXRR

    Carb opinions for a new to me 96 XR400

    I'm working on an XR 400 right now and need carb advise. You said 162 main and 60 pilot. This bike has 142 main and 55 pilot.. Starts very hard. What is your altitude?
  5. ThumpinXRR

    What did you do to your pig today?

    Didn't have much going on at work which is conveniently where my pig is so cleaned the air filter out on my new Pirelli MT21 front tire on which was way overdue greased front and rear wheel bearings and removed swing arm to clean and put fresh grease in..... Then wiped off some dust and talked to it a little!
  6. ThumpinXRR

    I need advise, my 50's hurtin

    I had the same thing happen on my 93 Z50 same in the same hole I felt like an idiot, but oh well we all do stupid things sometimes... Anyhow I put silicon on the correct bolts threads and ran it in the case and has been sealed completely dry for 8 years now no problems actually tore it down to rebuild the entire engine and saw where I went through into the crank case and it still has a perfect little pocket of silicon in the hole still no leaks
  7. ThumpinXRR

    Rear Tire HELP! 2000 XR650R street/desert

    Might I also add no sand riding for me. It's all pavement and hard dirt and rock around here!
  8. ThumpinXRR

    Rear Tire HELP! 2000 XR650R street/desert

    I run dual MT21's from Pirelli and also have a 2000 650 r the front is a good all around tire. I'm interested in you feedback cause I can't keep a rear tire in this thing to save my life!
  9. ThumpinXRR

    Which to buy for first time?

    The 600r truly is a tank if it has been taken care of like everyone has said you really can't go wrong. Your post about Motorsport...... I believe they do still offer parts for bikes if that age and if not I think you can still get them from honda at hondapartshouse.com basically it's all up to what you want and how well you can handle it... Or it handle you! They always win at least once. Everyone on here has good advice and both bikes in question are good machines... Good luck in your final decision
  10. ThumpinXRR

    Z50 high compression piston

    Still not having any luck with Powroll does anyone know where a person can get a high compression piston for a z 50 other than Powroll? I want at least 13:1 like I had. All I saw from wiesco was 11:1 and not having any luck anywhere else
  11. ThumpinXRR

    Dumbest things you've done to/with your bike

    Hossing through the woods on my 93 Z50 not on the trail just blazing a new one. Almost made it to the tie in on the old trail and found a barbed wire fence at about 20 mph! Broke the fence and wrapped me up took my cousin about 5 minutes which seemed forever to get me untangled!
  12. ThumpinXRR

    Fuel Stabilizer when storing for winter

    I run premium fuel and never have a problem at all I will add a little stabil to the tank in the winter and run the carb dry BUT.... My pig likes to play in the snow and doesn't sit long enough for gas to go bad anyway!
  13. ThumpinXRR

    chain adjuster bolt sheared-off

    I also had the same problem and also drilled dead center of the bolt the size required for tapping the hole the factory size. If you do this and you are perfectly centered you can run a tap in and clean what's left out of the threads and it's brand new again. Also this is the perfect place for plenty of anti seize! Steel and aluminum don't go well together anyhow.
  14. ThumpinXRR

    Z50 high compression piston

    I didn't really want to go with a bigger bore I may just leave the 13:1 piston in it it only has about 12 hrs on it and is just fine I just thought that since I saw the 15:1 I would consider it. As for Powroll I never new they went out of business I got the 13:1 kit about 8 or 9 years ago and their website says they are under construction and they still have a phone line however I have been unsuccessful in getting ahold of them!
  15. I currently have a 13:1 piston kit from Powroll in my 93' Z and had to take it apart for a bent shift shaft and my center clutch was in three pieces. I see Powroll has a 15:1 kit and was thinking about going with that for the rebuild. Just curious if anyone has done this mod and how well they like it? Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks!