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  1. Here's a direct link to the Cee Baileys - Honda XR650L page if it helps: http://www.ceebaileys.com/honda-XR650L-Commuter-Super-Sport-windshield
  2. jdougn

    1986 XL600R Smokes

    If it helps, here is the direct link to the "Finalllllyyy" thread: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1201985-finalllllyyy/
  3. jdougn

    Countershaft seal install - how hard?

    Mcma111, I trust the advice you all give way more than the shop! I also like your suggestion to use the ice pick. I like that a lot better than drilling holes or similar. Thanks and we'll see how this goes.
  4. Seems like the countershaft seal on my 1999 XR650L is leaking oil. Talked to the dealership and they say the case must be split to replace the seal. But it seems like there are some posts that suggest the seal can be replaced by just removing the front sprocket and the old seal, then gently tapping the new seal back in place. I'm not mechanically inclined enough and don't have the time, to spit the case myself. But just tapping in a new seal would be simple if that's all it takes. Which way does it work to replace the countershaft seal? Split the case or tap a new seal in place? Part# 91204-MG3-003 Thanks in advance! Doug
  5. jdougn

    Homemade ammo can pannier with saw mount

    Is that an old Homelite chainsaw? How old do you suppose that is? Nice set up for what you need to do. dn
  6. jdougn

    stock turn signals

    My 650 did the same thing. Found out it was one of the wiring connections was just a little loose. The thing that clued me in to a bad connection was that the headlight would flicker sometimes.
  7. jdougn

    Chain retainer alternative....

    Hopefully not too much of a hijack, but how do you tell when a chain is beat? I know about looking for stretched sections of chain but I evidently ride pretty mildly so the chain is even. Is there any other way to tell?
  8. jdougn

    650L side mount license plate bracket

    Looks like some nice work and a clean solution!
  9. jdougn

    14/46T Gearing

    As a novice bike rider, I would be interested in the explanation of why that is the case. I want to change the sprockets on my XR to something better suited to a slower riding speed and don't want to mess up.
  10. jdougn

    What is high mileage on the XR650L ?

    My '99 XR650L was rebuilt by the PO's mechanic at around 18k miles. He didn't really know what they had done. I've put 10k on the rebuild and all seems well but then I'm a newbie to the bike world too. I just do what the manual says to check, replace, or adjust.