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  1. its the whole about an inch in diameter above the header. The only shiny part of the engine
  2. Oil shoots out this hole what is supposed to go hear and why would oil be shooting out Forgot to put pic
  3. I'm gonna sell whatever I get anyways to get a yz 250
  4. i I wasn't around when my bike got locked up so wasn't my fault but ok. And I am most likely gonna have to trade for something that needs work because mine needs a new motor no doubt about it. I got an offer for a 07 kx 100 running and the guy just wants a project bike.
  5. So I put it on craigslist and I got an offer for an 06 rmz 250 he says all it needs is an o-ring for water pump an something else that is causing oil to come out above the exhaust. I asked him if it was coming out from between cylinder and head and he said no that it was coming out of a hole. He said he's pretty sure something is supposed to go there but doesn't know what. Any ideas what the hell he is talking about. I'm sure it's a good deal cause his ain't locked up and supposively it's got a fresh top and bottom end rebuild
  6. Where would be a good website to sell it cause I've been offered 500 on a local trading page on facebook and said screw that
  7. Check oil w/ filter, tranny fluid making sure there is no metal shavings in any of the fluids, clean float on carb, jets, and return it to stock settings and work from there, check chain, valve clearance, coolant. Btw if it has sat a while chances are the fuel got old and that's why the carb is acting up so in that cases drain the gas. if you need any parts I'm parting out an 07 an will make good deals on whatever you need.
  8. its an 07 crf 250r the motor is no good but everything else is perfect. Just wondering a good price I could sell it for.
  9. 160$ with everything if you want the brakes from the perch to the caliper
  10. I'd go to 120$ for shipping and everything cause I'm in West Virginia Do you want the caliper too
  11. Seat has small tear in it I repaired but you can still see where it is. I haven't looked at it but can I take that hose off the brake perch or do you want the whole brake assembly Caliper and all
  12. The chain was rusted so bad from where it sat so long but one second I'll give you a price
  13. Yeah and I got a Yamaha honda shop 3 minutes from my house so I'll probably go with yz and my other one was very reliable even though it was a 125
  14. haha we put my bike back together using one old c-clip thinking it flew across the garage and when it wouldn't kick over we new the problem haha pulled it out with a magnet thank god it didn't kick over an get deep in the bottom end