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  1. Oxinbox21

    Getting bike ready for season

    I have some private land to ride on, so at least I can do rides in the muddy plowed roads in a little bit!!! But thanks for the help, I think I am going to check the valves. I will check out the other things you mentioned too.Thanks
  2. Hi, I have a 2006 CRF250x. I had to put the bike away for the winter in September for a couple reasons. I put stabil in the tank and cleaned the air filter, but other than that I didn't do anything else. I feel like I really should of done more, but too late now. I still have over a month of snow, so I have some time to start working on it. What do I need to do to get it ready to go for the season? Any special things I should check? Thanks
  3. Oxinbox21

    What did you buy for your bike today?

    New fork bleeders. Somehow broke one in a crash!!!
  4. Oxinbox21


    Like said above try out a few grips, they are pretty cheap.
  5. Oxinbox21

    A great way to check out.

    Honda_power 2.0
  6. Oxinbox21

    Mad Skills Motocross

    Ok thanks
  7. Oxinbox21

    Mad Skills Motocross

    Is it possible to move up more than one division at a time?
  8. Not on a bike but was in a auto part shop once and a lady bought a new air filter because her ac was not working.
  9. Oxinbox21

    Who can wheelie?

    Sweet pic!!!
  10. Oxinbox21

    front wheel hop

  11. Oxinbox21

    wanting to move up bikes!

    Trail or track?
  12. Oxinbox21

    How hot is too hot to ride?

    Right!Two a days during August suck the most.......10 practices in one week