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  1. M X Z R 2

    Xr600r motor in a 400ex

    Thanks for the info. I bought an XR because it was a good deal and not having intentions of riding. Thought I would clean it up a little and resell but its still in the garage
  2. M X Z R 2

    Xr600r motor in a 400ex

    Did you have any issues with the kick start hitting the frame or footpeg? How did it do in the sand? Probably rips pretty good.
  3. M X Z R 2

    Xr600r motor in a 400ex

    Do you have any pictures of how you did the gas tank to clear the head?
  4. M X Z R 2

    FNG needs help

    Thanks for the help. I was planning on leaving it off, I couldn't even find a tab to put the rubber onto anyways. I'm sure I'll have more questions the further I get into this rebuild.
  5. M X Z R 2

    FNG needs help

    Well I checked the VIN and receipts that came with the bike. Turns out its a 1988 with a 1989 bottom end. Did the XR600r have a oil separator in 1988? From the pictures I found on the net its suppose to hook on the left side on frame beside the carb. Is that right? My rear shock reservoir is mounted there and I don't even see a place for the separator to hook? Still confused.
  6. M X Z R 2

    FNG needs help

    Thanks, I don't have it. So, I'm guessin' he did take it off.
  7. M X Z R 2

    FNG needs help

    Bought a basket case 1989 XR600R and I can't figure out were this rubber part goes. Any help?
  8. M X Z R 2

    440 big bore kit care

    I have a 2000 400ex that I put a 440 big bore in. I put the big bore probably 6 months after buying it brand new. I've never had to tear it back down to fix anything. I don't race, I'm just a weekend warrior. Mainly do dune riding, trail riding and the occasional track. I have air shrouds, added an extra oil cooler, added a larger oil tank and only run 110 octane. I use Honda oil and change it after every 5 rides. Its going on 13 years and it still starts and runs good, I finally had a shop do a leak down test and they said everything looked good. Anything you can do to keep it from getting to hot is good. I think that's why mine lasted so long.