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  1. Mostly trails.. But I'm open to other options/types
  2. Hinesville GA
  3. southeast Ga!!
  4. This was the description of what the seller had to say on it
  5. Thanks that's greatly appreciated!!
  6. from what I understand so far the bike is basically all stock except for the recently added new wiseco piston, gasket, seals and bearings. It was in a barn basically for 10 years and the owner sold it to the person that I'm buying it from today. But I'll take a look at it and post some picsater today if not tomorrow!!
  7. whats up everyone?! As my username implies I am new to 2s but not new to dirt bikes! I have recenly(today) acquired a 94 WR250. Please gide me to what exactly I can/should do with it besides ride it like I stole it. Specifically I'm looking for upgrade options, possible build ups and ANY thing else that could be deemed useful. Thanks in advance!!