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  1. canary island (spain)
  2. not only the bike was perfecct,, track got 5 trucks of sand last days and its been raining all nite.,,, KARMA.
  3. 350 sxf with 4 hrs on the clock
  4. I choosed this one,, good throttle response, f.i. sounds and handels good.
  5. here it is after 2hr of riding and the first service done ,, brakin in was hard,, i seemed to forgett some seconds im brakin it in, got a bit exited lol,,, how not man, everybody that hasnt tried,,,,,,,,,,... try one.
  6. I own a 350 (2014) i love the bike,, i like to rev,, i have way more fun reving, using the clutch,, nailing the proper gears in corners and be active !! the bike handels better then an rmz i dnt know feels the same to me. only problem is the throttle, way to easy to open,, makes it hard to ride being so sensitive,, hopefully i get some dirt in soon lol jajajjajajaj some info,, in spain we get pirelli scorpion tires with the ktm`s
  7. whats the point of a 350... ride one and u see !! i own a 350 2014 and i think its amazing bike !!
  8. im waiting for mine,, 2 weeks and it arrives at my door .. :p 2 more weeks !!! :banghead: last 7 days felt like 7 month