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  1. Indootime

    Seat Concepts Standard or Tall

  2. Made my choice to go with a Seat Concepts seat, but can’t decide on a Standard or Tall, tall is supposed to be 1” taller than the stock seat. Here’s my stats: 6’ 215 lbs 32 inseam 50/50 rider with Michigan single track riding. PLEASE no posts to buy another bike, buy another brand seat, etc. I’m only looking for help from people who have a CRF250l and have a Seat Concepts. Thank you in advance, Pat
  3. Indootime

    Where to get a CRF250L owners manual??

    Does everyone do the extra fork spring on these bikes?
  4. Indootime

    Where to get a CRF250L owners manual??

    Thank you! Didn’t expect to find it there. Just a little thing. Pat
  5. Indootime

    Where to get a CRF250L owners manual??

    Thank you!
  6. Just bought my 1st CRF250L, 2013, 500 Miles. Pretty excited to hit the trails. The old guy I bought from couldn’t find the owners manual, I did go a search but only found the service manual. Does anyone have a manual or pdf available? Thank you, Pat
  7. Indootime

    TTR 225 Clutch Adjustment?

    I think your right. I just looked at it again and didn't see any adjustment points. I think I might be out of adjustment or I have warped plates. With the motor off, shifter in gear, and the clutch pulled in I seam to have a little drag.
  8. Indootime

    TTR 225 Clutch Adjustment?

    Just bought a 2004 TTR 225 to ride the trails with my son. Pretty excited to give this 2-wheel thing a try! Is there a clutch plate adjustment like most bikes, either in the case or outside if the case? I know about the one one the bars...just wondering if I have to open the case to adjust the plates. Thanks Pat