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  1. 707SLT

    California to Texas

    Dang, I had the same problem right when I got my bike. My slow jet was packed shut. Wasn't too hard to fix though. I'm going offshore on thanksgiving day for three weeks. Get at me any time before then and I'm game to go riding!
  2. 707SLT

    California to Texas

    I've only been to Ultimate MX down in Alvin so far. Fun mellow track. A couple of guys and I are planning on riding the the east side loop of Sam Houston on saturday. The more the merrier. I'd never heard of Creekside. Looks like fun. When are you trying to go? I'm free for the next week and a half
  3. 707SLT

    California to Texas

    I'm 23 too, and just moved out here from northern california a couple months ago. Lemme know when you get a bike. I've only been to tracks so far here, but plan on checking out Sam Houston in the next couple of days. As LovingOffroadPain said, all the land in Texas is private. No such thing as just hopping on a bike and exploring.