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  1. my buddy has one in his bike with 70+ hrs and he rides the snot out of it. if it only lasted u 8 hrs something wasnt done right when putting it all back together
  2. the thing is that my bike was running fine before the crank went so im not sure if I should change them or not. It started first kick, not back firing and had plenty of power with no lag time. Should I just leave it? Its getting a new top and bottom end
  3. I had a big rod end bearing lock up on my 04 crf250r and im planning on buying a wiseco top and bottom end rebuild kit. The bike has roughly 100 hours on it and im considering putting new intake and exhaust valves in it while i have it taken apart. I need some good recommendations for valve brands and if I can buy a kit with both in it, also will these new valves need to be shimed or will my old shims be okay? Thanks for any input it is much appreciated (my first rebuild)
  4. No worries. I'm waiting for the new seal should be here by Thursday and once its in ill let you know if it solves the problem
  5. So its in between the gear and bearing?
  6. Mine never had that o ring on it when I took it apart. But I found today that I didn't properly put the right crank seal in. The lip was all bent and it wasn't sealing at all so I ordered a new one and once that's in correctly this time should be good. Should a o ring be in between the seal and gear on the left side? Mine didn't have it
  7. There's 2 seals on the counter balance??? I only had one or does a bearing have a seal?
  8. Yeah thank you! And which one?? The left and right case gaskets? I'm pretty sure there good its not leaking any oil or anything.
  9. I dont think I did. I put them in just as the old ones came out making sure there nice and flush too
  10. Was having the oil migration problem of clutch oil goin to the crank side on my 04 crf250r. I've replaced the right crank seal and counter balance shaft seal. Now what could it be?? I did them separately with about 4-5 rides apart and I was wondering if they had to be done at the same time. I noticed after I replaced the counter balance shaft seal thinking everything should be ok that I had oil dripping out of the clutch case tube. What could it possibly be now?!?!:ph34r::angry:
  11. Engine ice is the way to go that's all me and my buddy run
  12. Np glad to help. I would have had mine done by now but I ordered the wrong seal. The seal u need for the water pump shaft / counter balance shaft is #22 on a microfiche
  13. I just pulled my case cover and I'm not 100% sure but I believe these dots are supposed to line up??? This is a pic of the right side case crank gear and counter shaft. Are they supposed to line up? When I pull the counter shaft can I just rotate it and will it be okay?
  14. Have left and right case covers off. Remove bolt on right side gear remove the gear. Pull the shaft out thru the left side. Replace seal. Put it back in. Make sure dots line up on the right side. Put the bolt back on at 33lb/ft done