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  1. The muffler on my bike was straight through with one simple baffle I cut out when I got the bike and then the end cap that screws off. Has a crazy small exhaust tip though.. Nothing like those bikes. As for the tuning can it be tuned by anyone with a dyno or do they need to have fancy ktm tools?
  2. Can ktms be dyno tuned?
  3. I will take some photos when i pull it apart again to seal it and paint the tip!
  4. Update for those who are interested.. have taken just short of 3 inches off. doesn't really sound any louder but has a slightly deeper note (Me likey alot) its still running great and on the road I have noticed it pulls through mid-high a LOT stronger.. my guess is because the exc is a offroad race bike the exhaust was tuned to give alot off the bottom and that not really what i need (going to be a supermoto) so I am extremely happy with how it has turned out.. I have included a before and after pic of it Also will be painting the tip black with engine enamel to suit the bike
  5. Thanks to everyone's input! Everyone seems to have valid points, but due to my needs and how things go down here I'm going to shorten it, and if I do notice a power loss I'll get it tuned for it and if I'm still not happy, well I'm the only one to blame right[emoji14] I was thinking about the sx Pipe but I want even shorter, for supermoto. Thanks again everyone, Braaap on!
  6. I'm currently saving for a set of supermodels on it so can't afford a pipe, and want a short one on it anyway
  7. Already done my mates exhaust, turned out perfectly. Take apart measure 3inch and use a homemade tool to get a line perfectly around it and then cut with angle grinder. Measure the same on the inside pipe and drill some new rivet holes and deburr then re install with new packing. Finish on it is perfect. Sounds great, not too loud
  8. Can any him ship with a dump do that or do I need to get it done my a ktm dealer?
  9. I never said they had it wrong..The muffler is designed to meet noise restrictions and tuned for off road. All the riding I will be doing I will benefit from higher rpm power which is a result of a shorter muffler.. If engineers of any brand bike got it so right then why do companies like akro, fmf, pc etc. Make after market exhausts eh? I already know a shorter pipe is what I want (been researching for weeks) now I just need to know if it may need a remap to get the most out of it. As slip ons don't require a remap I assume taking 3inches off mine won't either..
  10. Care to expand? Research i have done says otherwise but I am always interested if you have some proof or a propper explanation.
  11. When on country roads a loud exhaust does actually help with that[emoji14]
  12. I only have about 3 tracks within 2 hours drive and all have a rule which has to be like 3ks as the crow flies away from anything residential. Sucks tbh, but loud bikes are not a problem. An akro pipe is still louder that my mates shortened kx stocky. So my ktm will probs remain quieter that the stock kx hahaha
  13. My mates kx was already a loud bike but now sounds similar to an akro..Where i live everyone's bike are stupidly loud, there is not a single place to ride that isn't a propper track so there's no chance of any closure. So please if your not going to post helpful/usefull info don't bother replying
  14. Quick question, im looking at getting a set of supermotos for my 2017 450 exc. a few of the sites im looking at haven't got the 17 listed yet, does a wheelset from a 2016 fit the 17? axle sizes, spacing etc?
  15. After reading that I'm liking the idea of taking a bit off my exhaust. but this explained nothing about if any tuning will have to be done??