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  1. Ok Thankyou very much William1 I'll have a play with it today
  2. Ok I will do the fuel screw I have checked the AP it's has a 55 leak jet and is working fim not blocked or anything diphram is good I havnt touched the timing yet I will do this today also
  3. My bike isn't in poor condition and not new to bikes... I've been repairing them for a while now and I did my research and double checked everything before I put in the JD jet kit... The problem im having is that when you go to blip the throttle/or roll it the bike shuts off but when you have the choke on the bike is completely fine... When I'm riding the bike it's fine through the whole rev range.... I can't set the idle higher because the bike starts to die and won't idle... It's just this small bump I want to fix.... I'm thinking that I might have to do my air fuel ratio screw because that's the only thing I havnt done or time my AP
  4. Ok so tried to set the idle as high as I could but I couldn't set it higher than I already had it as it would just die straight away! I checked the accelerator pump and it works fine! I have a 40 leak jet in it as the JD jet kit provided and the thick o ring
  5. Ok I'll try that in the morning but how can I tell how many rpms the motor is doing?
  6. Carbie is clean as a whistle and have just put a rebuild kit and JD jet kit in the bike was doing it before I did the above... That's why I did it but i will have play with the fuel screw
  7. Hi i have a 2004 wr250f with a JD jet kit in it and most (not all) the time when I rev it off idle it just dies but when I hold the chick in and rev it it's fine when it warms up it gets better and once it's moving/ reving it's fine the bike rides fine and everything it's just that and it's realy starting to piss me off now please help!
  8. What about fuel-injection?
  9. Yeah maybe even not enough air I'd change the spark plug first
  10. Really do the WRs still have 12.5 compression
  11. Yeah I got an 04 too and would like to know as well I known the 08+ have a higher compression
  12. To much fuel, bad plug and missing then fuelling out the back
  13. Ok I'll download it today when I get some time thanks
  14. Thanks guys bought a K&N filter today and gonna change it all tomorrow