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    2013 SXF 250-False neutral?

    I have a 2013 sxf 250 that has about 50 hours on it and it has been going into a false neutral and coming out of gear between 2nd and 3rd gear about every 5 minutes on the track. My son refuses to ride it anymore because it is just a matter of time before it happens on the lip of a jump. It is not just a lever adjustment or a get use to KTMs shifting, it is a definite problem with this year and or model. ( I have owned over 10 KTMs ) We have a 2012 sxf 250 and a 2011 sxf 350 with more hours and have never had this problem. The gear levers are all adjusted the same height. ( the KTMs are either too low or too high if you try to adjust them ). I have checked the shift drum and detent roller. shift shaft. Everything looks new with no wear. I don't want to just start replacing parts and hope it works or split the cases to find nothing worn or wrong. Does anybody have a fix for this? Anything from KTM?