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  1. Monster230

    Crf230 Starter Clutch Issues?

    It ran for about 6 or 7 hours with the sound then sat for about 1 month.
  2. Monster230

    Crf230 Starter Clutch Issues?

    I meant to say that the starter sounds like it is spinning faster than usual. I am going to have a mechanic look at the bike on Friday but I think the problem is most likely as you stated. For the sake of optimism, is there a chance that the valves just need an adjustment or am I beyond that stage?
  3. My 2007 230 was recently bored out to the specs in order to outfit it with the BBR 240 kit with camshaft. It ran fine but made a ticking noise for a while (possibly relevant). It sat after one long day of riding for about a month and when I started it up yesterday it started up like usual but shut off when I pulled the clutch in about 10 minutes into riding it and now when I attempt to start it the starter kicks much faster than usual and the bike won't start. I also tried bump starting it but the rear wheel merely locks up and skids. I changed the spark plug to be safe and have confirmed that I have spark. I changed the gas, checked to see if anything looked out of place in the wiring, and eventually thought it may be the starter clutch. I checked the starter reduction gears and they look fine, as well as the starter idler gear. I don't have the tools to pop out the starter clutch but the teeth look fine on the gear from just looking at it behind the flywheel. There are a few very minor dings in the smooth outer surface of the flywheel as if something scraped it, but I'm not sure if that would affect it. I am at a complete loss, so any information will be helpful. The best part is that the bike broke down while I was trying to sell it. I had the cash in my hand and then this happened!