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  1. I had the same "problem" not finding the throttle stop on my 2014, but it only has it in the USA market. The GYTR ECU looks exactly the same, but makes BIG difference to the bike, and you have the ability to tune it the way you want, which is very easy with the power tuner.
  2. It's the same bike as the 2009 and will remain the same for at least another five years. That sucks because would be awesome a new one based on the KXF 2015
  3. The link is also a good idea, seems like the bike has more traction and stability at corners
  4. I'm running the 20mm Ride triple clams, the bike handles like a 250F now, just lay it in the turns and pin it
  5. I did so many things that i can't even remember. But the main thing are: KX 450F 2012 forks 490cc Athena kit Pro Circuit KX 450F 2008 cilinder head, ported, crank shaft, TI valves and all KX cluch springs Excel A60 rims Braking 270mm front brake disc And the list goes on... I can tell you that it got way faster than stock, like top speed was 140km/h and now is running 155km/h
  6. Does anyone know if there is any aftermarket transmission that makes the bike longer? Especially 4th and 5th gear. Or if the KLX 450 transmission would fit in a KX450F 2013.