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    High millage for a KLR250..?

    Seems that there are not too many KLR 250 riders on this forum... Did you post this question on KLR650.com? 21K miles is ok if the valves have been adjusted regularly and there is no smoke on start up or when running. Check for any oil leaks. Are the tires new? Check the date stamp on them .... The bike is 10 years old.....$1300 would be a fair price. Dave
  2. Yammadof

    1985 KLR250 (Questions)

    Just joined the forum.....seems no-one responds to KLR 250 issues....try klr650.net as well....Cant help with the title info (Canadian eh)...... CDI pack is about $120 on flea bay unless you can find a parts bike....buying an 85 means work - disc caliper rebuild / replace brake line; possible top end - seals/rings (if you haven't witnessed the motor running, you don't know what you have got) ; many of the bolts will be rusted and fragile; worn chain / sprockets; unserviced rear shock; What is the date code on the tires? >6 years, need to replace..... etc etc. If you have little or no experience in DIY mechanics, you have 3 basic options: 1: get the 600 + 250 manual/supplement and start learning. 2. Be prepared to shell out 100's and 100's of $$ for shop labour +oem parts or 3. Sell it as a parts bike / rebuild and get something that runs. The reality is that older bikes need a lot of care and attention to bring them back. I like option 1 - get the books and learn. I hope you didn't spend a pile of cash on this bike...... I just got a complete 250 with spare motor for $500 - needs seals and rings but is good......