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  1. rhinostatus

    92 kx250 cylinder jug replacement

    no its totally missing either stolen sold idk what happened or what he did to it but I need a new one prob got left behind when he moved
  2. now I read the post on the on the 92 for 91 bottom end on the kx250... heres the deal my uncle blew the head and took it upon himself to take it apart I have a 92kx250 and need a cylinder jug what yeah can I use looks pretty similar... I know the 92 has a bigger stroke, I was thinking maybe that's a good thing the 91 has a bigger piston... what do I have to do to get on the dirt???????
  3. rhinostatus

    92 kx cylinder on a 91 kx bottom end

    now I have a 92 kx250 2stroke my uncle blew the head and took it apart and lost the cylinder jug idk how it just disappeared... anyways what year jug will fit I want it to run semi correct what do I need to do desperately need to get back on the trails