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  1. Thanks guys I will take the bits to the shop that did the rebuild I'm guessing they didn't replace the pump seals at the time.
  2. this is what I found, the gear box oil was clean.not sure what happened,
  3. Thanks I will give it a go
  4. No I didn't run it dry, I took the engine out to take to the shop and when I got it back but was missing that drainage bolt so I put one in and put water in. And it pisses out the little hole underneath.
  5. Happy new year to fellow 2 strokers..the bolt on the water pump that drains it came out, I found one that screwed in and now water flows freely out of weep hole so question is would a bolt to long be the cause?? Thanks in advance for info it's a 03 yz250
  6. Ok thanks guys
  7. Hi guys does anyone if you can fit a 04 exhaust to a 06 I have the opportunity to buy a cheap PC t4 off a 04 thanks
  8. This is my 03 250 in 09 before it got stolen This is month ago when I got it back This is after a good clean, new grips and plastics kit. Would like '12 Yz shroud graphics and stock looking seat cover blue/black. There are some beautiful bikes on here. Well done everyone
  9. Yeah I think so to. I put new chain and sprockets on it 1 ride before it went and apart from chain needing a good lube the sprockets are still as new and the grips were the same as I put on after 4 yrs.front guard looked brittle and faded so I'm sure it's been in a shed for a long time. I've spruced it up and will put up a current photo when I can. I love being a dirt bike owner and enjoy tinkering in the garage on them as much as riding them so have enjoyed polishing,cleaning and tidying it up back to a bike that's looks like someone pride and joy as opposed to a piece of shit no one cares about
  10. They aren't pressing charges on anyone as the don't have the culprit and the girl that advertised it is saying she knew nothing about it. This is what it looked like prior to getting stolen
  11. I'm in nz so trademe is the auction site everyone uses. It was listed under as a 01 yzf250 and I noticed it was a 2 stroke so I had closer look and immediately looked familiar. Same seat cover, grips, holeshot device, gold axle blocks. Cops impounded it. I had to pay $180 to get it out of storage which I was more than happy to do. Wasn't running and had 2 litres of gearbox oil in it. Got it going last weekend
  12. this is how I got it back. Apparently the chick that had it didn't know. I think it's been stored for awhile then someone pulled it out thinking its been long enough then this chick advertised it. I spotted it looking for bikes for my mate. Still can't believe sometimes. After 4 yrs I had definitely accepted it was long gone.
  13. Yeah when I went out that morning to find it gone I was totally gutted. No insurance. I recognised it straight away as many of you guys would spot your bikes. It looked identical but in scruffy and unloved condition.when I took air filter out it fell apart in my hands.yes it is a sign I'm meant to have it. So at this stage ill keep my 06 450 and the Yz. Sold a 04 Yz alittle while ago. I have a soft spot for yz's
  14. Hi guys I had 03 Yz250 stolen in 09, so 3 weeks I spotted it on a auction web site. I told the police and now it's back in the garage 4yrs later. Totally mind blowing and unexpected. So rapt about it glad my crf450 has a friend to keep it company lol