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  1. offroadguy422

    1984 CR250R

    Sorry guys, the guy sent me the pictures and honestly the bike looks like it would be better off a doorstop. So i'm gonna pass, i'll make another post if i come across anything else that i need advice on. Thanks
  2. offroadguy422

    1984 CR250R

    I found a 1984 CR250 on craigslist for $600. I am waiting for the guy to send me pictures but he describes it as being in good (running) condition. Is this a good price? Are these bikes any good? Any advice would be much apreciated.
  3. offroadguy422

    What's the best oil to run in a CRF150R?

    i'm about to buy a crf150r from a friend of mine and i'm curious about what the best oil to run in it is?