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  1. Brandon4655

    FMF snap

    any chance you could provide pictures as i would like to do this. thanks brandon
  2. Brandon4655

    Dyno sheets 269 vs 290 Big bore?

    i have a 290 athena kit, vance and hines muffler, Ti FMF m/bomb header and 14/49 gearing on my wr 250f. i absolutely love it so much torque even with the higher gearing i can loft the wheel no matter the revs in first second or third in the bush and can climb anything.
  3. Brandon4655

    Twin Air vs Pro Filter or best filter for YZ250F

    hi, i have used, twin air unifilter and funnel web filters i love my funnel web it works fantastically best filter i have ever used, however i normally use the funnel web on the first two days and still has heaps of clean space in dusty conditons. i then go to my old uni filter for the last day of riding on multi day rides. Brandon