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  1. KTM is a dream bike. BMW is for the more reasonable folks. Know who U R
  2. 13t sprocket, had anti smog removed from stock pipe, kx snorkel, and derestricted. way better !!!!! only 100 euros at dealership
  3. 14t: 76 km/h at 5000 13t: 72 km/h at 5000 (it revs a little higher) more torque, same top speed (13O), with an exhaust mod though I seen a girl ride the klx 24000 km in two years on long trips she's happy, the bike is sturdy. At 7000 the motor doesn't overheat the least imo
  4. Buying a new pipe costs $$$ you won't recoup when you sell cause the bike is cheap to buy and not so popular. I went 13t, put a kx snorkel, and had the anti-polution system removed from the stock exhaust for 100 euros. Result: more torque thru entire power band with no loss of power (72 km/h at 5000 instead of 76 but same top speed) Then, if you want to keep this brilliant little princess, and you really like fmf, it'll give you 4 hp. enjoy
  5. klx 250 is very reliable, like most jap bikes, but underpowered. It will bring your ass back from the woods every time. Can be fixed with sprocket swap and exhaust mods. Footpegs are high and seat not so (bit tight for legs but no harm). I'm 6'2 - 190 Stock tires with real nobbies . Adjustable suspensions, exhaust not loud (good for birds, squirrels, neighbors). Love mine WR higher seat, better bike but $$$
  6. fuel injected since 2012 in France. Starts every time, and I'm told it saves gas. And easy to derestrict (2 injection maps). I love mine xxx
  7. On my 2013 klx 250 there is an electric wire that links the clutch to the electronics in the motor (electronic ignition now). Unplug it and shunt the plug with electric wire 1,5 thick. Very easy, can be done without climbing off the bike. that will activate another ignition map and give you 1000 rpm more (in France the bike is restrained at 7000 rpm in 5th and 6th gear). Brings top speed to 130 I went for a 13t front sprocket, and a kx air box snorkel. Had the anti-pollution system removed from the stock pipe. Gears are shorter, bike torquier thru all the power band, and louder too. Haven't lost my top speed either ! If you do only one thing, do the sprocket