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  1. Yep. Would have done it first. In terms of power, I think it's pefect. I just zip around seattle. No off-roading. I feel like I'm on a BMX like when I was a kid
  2. So I started out with the FCR. That was a noticeable upgrade. Then the exhaust and hotcams. I guess they were smaller steps. This really seems to tie everything together. I'm 200 pounds and I never really felt like I was going to slide off my seat before. Now I feel like that from 1st to 3rd gear....
  3. Took her out for the first break in run and what a difference. Totally a new bike. I have hotcams, fcr39, and yosh trs. Great combonation. Now I wait for some sunshine
  4. I've got a nice stock black and grey or a blue and black seat. What's the details on the corbin?
  5. Where did you get the shock canister sticker? Also, the blue rear brake line sheath?
  6. Thanks man. I got a blue seat coming next week. Also looking at some blue footpegs soon.
  7. Updated version
  8. Thanks for the info. I figured with the amount of people not liking the stocker, there would be a bunch out there.
  9. So I'm looking for a stock blue drz 400s/sm seat. Anybody have one they would like to get rid of? Trying to complete my blue scheme. Thanks
  10. So I ordered a meter. When I get the battery and the meter, what are the procedures for running these test? My understanding of electrical systems is minimal to say the least. Any advice would be well used.
  11. Do I need a voltage meter to do these test?
  12. So will the bike turn over and not start if you have a fully charged battery but a bad stator?
  13. 2006 drz400s with about 10,000 miles So for the past couple of weeks the bike has been starting kind of weird. Like a brief pause before turning over. After I've ridden on the freeway for about 20 minutes. If I turn the bike off and then turn it back on again, it has a real hard time starting. It got so bad that it eventually drained my WPS lithium ion battery. Now it won't even turn over with a charged battery. I took the stator cover off and looked at the stator to see if there is any burnt coils but it seems fine. I sent the battery back because I hooked it up to a battery tester and it says it bad. I don't have a extra battery so I have to wait for the returned one. But I still think it's the stator. Should I just order another stator? I do have a trailtech lightweight flywheel as well. I've heard these tend to burn up the stators. Any advice would bE great.
  14. It's a used 2009. They are asking about 5500 for it. They want to give me 1600 for the trade in value... That's ridiculous.
  15. Took a test ride...... Now I want one. I want to sell the drz. I know it's pretty high but well I gotta try. Let me know if I'm crazy? I meant 750