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  1. Quickster505

    yz250 help needed

    Ok so I shut it off after running normal and never in gear yet this year then I go to start it and can't kick, it's an 89 and we pulled off the side case and everything is fine but clutch plates and basket turn a little but won't go over and there is a sound of hitting either the bottom end or the connecting rod, I think my rod bent so would that not let it kick? Also my last ride last year the bottom of my one spark plug bent like something hit it, I.e. The piston? How do you put a new rod in or do you guys think it's bottom end?
  2. Quickster505

    Pre 98 YZ250 vs later model yz250f

    As I'm lost on a track... I can't even jump my bike right hahaha
  3. Quickster505

    Pre 98 YZ250 vs later model yz250f

    He's a racer and had his bike for two years I got mine last year and my 2 stroke buddy got his 200mxc about four months ago
  4. Quickster505

    Pre 98 YZ250 vs later model yz250f

    I ride with another two stroke buddy in the woods and we ha to keep our one 250f buddy in the middle so he wouldn't get left behind on our adventuring, you'll be fine especially with the flywheel because of less wheel spin
  5. Quickster505

    89 YZ250WR: Removing clutch cover?

    meant kick starter gear, but I'm glad you figured it out, I had a heck of a time yesterday and I'm glad to see it wasn't just me having problems, happy new year
  6. Quickster505

    Need help bad!

    Ok so I just did my clutch on my 89 yz250 yesterday, put everything back together, minus a few parts that I never had in the first place, and I ride it, go to hit the powerband and nothing but rev limiter, I'm asking to everyone to send a pic of there power valve linkage so I can see if I'm missing a part inbetween the spring because that's all I think could possibly be missing, thanks to all, pray that I get this powervalve to work please!!!
  7. Quickster505

    89 YZ250WR: Removing clutch cover?

    I just did my 89 yz250s clutch yesterday, was it caught on the kickstart like mine kept doing?
  8. My 89 250 love her to death but she needs tlc from the last owner
  9. Quickster505

    Is it possible to "mellow out" a YZ

    I wouldn't even make it to be slower, mine is pretty stock besides pistons and gearing and it takes more throttle to get her going but after it's moving you can go pretty low on throttle without stalling, and as for being slower than a 4 stroke, it's not I raced my friends rmz250 and yz250f and smoked them both you would be fine stock but if you really want I would say flywheel weight is the best besides lower gearing
  10. Quickster505

    Front disc rotor question

    I was wondering if all yz front disc rotors fit all years, I have an 89 yz250 and can't find a front rotor anywhere! I really need to know this because I have a groove warn into it from the previous owner and it bounces on the front brake, thank you for all responses in advance
  11. Quickster505

    Rm 250 no spark

    I even had my friend hold the plug and he didn't get shocked, new coil? New stator, what do I need to help my friend
  12. Quickster505

    Gearcase oils

    My friend runs Mercedes Benz oil, not sure what weight but he gets it free from a friend, I run regular 80w because my bikes an 89 and I don't mess with the specs
  13. Quickster505

    1999 rm 250 carburetor jetting

    So my buddy has an rm that just had an engine overhaul, problem is his carb was jetted wrong so my friend took the jets out. I own a yz so I can't help him with jetting so, I wanted to know how many turns we should have on each jet
  14. Quickster505

    What Exhaust should I buy?

    I got a pro circuit worx with a 304 it's nice I have a little bit of just messing around power but I can definitely feel the over rev like never before it works well, only thing is I have to be on it to even consider hills
  15. Quickster505

    How many Hours before a rebuild?

    I'd say 200-300 hours is a rough estimate for a top and I've never had to rebuild my bottom so when that goes I'll tell ya . A lot of the top end depends if he races if he races I would say once a year