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  1. MXTommy77

    Eating sparkplugs

    Is it possible to remove the plug cap from the lead? Like on the older 2-strokes?
  2. MXTommy77

    Eating sparkplugs

    No leaks from the carb with the fuel tap on, I am still thinking it might be a carb issue though, maybe the needle is worn giving slightly rich mixture... Or maybe the spark plug cap is worn?
  3. MXTommy77

    Eating sparkplugs

    Piston has about 30 hours on right now all valveclearences are ok and I've checked for moisture in all connectors, a friend of mine suggested the float valve might be worn, but wouldn't that cause fuel leaks when the bike is sitting?
  4. MXTommy77

    Eating sparkplugs

    Hi! I have a 2008 model kawi 450 wich has started to eat spark plugs. If I put in a new spark plug it runs great for a day of riding, I come home wash the bike and do all the nescesarry maintenance, airfilter cleaned and oiled, replace oil and oilfilter if it is time and so on. Then if I go riding the next day the bike starts fine and I go out to the track then the bike is hesitating and wants to quit as soon as I am not on the gas, go in to the pits again and change spark plug and the bike runs fine again. Plug looks pretty good a little black soot on the topside of the plug but nothing on the center electrode. This has got me puzzled... Tried cleaning the carb but it still does the same... I have had the bike since 2008 and it has got about 150 hours , havent changed any carb settings except the idle every now and then, always run premium fuel. Anyone with advice? Thanks/ Tommy