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  1. Stone apollo

    reviving the south africans on this forum thread.

    Hey buds we have some awesome riding spots here in SA all and all the country isnt to bad the crime is high but these days when im watching international news im starting to think its not worse than the rest of the world hey. Where are you moving from
  2. Stone apollo

    South African toy run

    Are there any South African Okes on here that's going to do the dirt toy run?
  3. Stone apollo

    125 getting tired

    Holy shit you guys can be a bunch of whiny bitches if you want to be. He never said he wont tell the customer how many hours is on the bike when he sells it. Shit thats the reason all of us sell or trade in our bikes, because its getting long in the tooth and we want a newer stronger model. Anyways dude get a yz 250 they rip I myself ride a a CR250 and I love the 2t, if you know how to maintain a 2t and how to do most of the work yourself then stick with what you know and save yourself some $$ in the long run.
  4. Stone apollo

    Best looking bike contest*************

    this is one angry looking bike, just love it.
  5. Stone apollo

    I became a 4stroker.

    thats because they made 450 4t power in the 80's already. Anyways Imo there is a place for both, ride what you feel comfortable on, its all about the ride and the fun you having. 2t or 4t does it really matter ? Cant we all just get along as bikers??
  6. Stone apollo

    Who has the NICEST Honda 2-Stroke? post pics

    You have to love the Honda 2t's they just have that something extra special to them, there's some real stunners here
  7. Stone apollo

    Who has the NICEST Honda 2-Stroke? post pics

    Got some new orange spoke wraps
  8. Stone apollo

    Lets see your bike

    My 2001 CR250
  9. Stone apollo

    Buy bike in different countrys

    Yap the same here for us poor sods in South Africa, we mostly only have bush shops that sell the bare necessities like soap and maze meal, for meat and stuff we have to hunt with our bows. I guess it's better that we don't have bike dealerships here because it's only the brave that dares move more than a mile from their homes, the lions here can get very cranky indeed. Some lucky people that live at the coast have gotten to see what a bike looks like when Americans came past on a boat carrying bikes once, we here in the inland only got to hear about it months later when a carrier pigeon fell here carrying a note with the story on it, that was a great story that our village elder (he is the only one that can read) read to us around a camp fire one nite
  10. Stone apollo

    Who has the NICEST Honda 2-Stroke? post pics

    Ok ill bite, here is my 01
  11. Stone apollo

    Best looking bike contest*************

    Man there is some good looking rides here well done
  12. Stone apollo

    New members meet and greet

    man we have great spots to ride, and best of all we can ride all year round, no snow that keeps us from riding
  13. Stone apollo

    New members meet and greet

    to me there is nothing better to do than ride, so ride brother ride.
  14. Stone apollo

    Best looking bike contest*************

    thats one good looking dirt bike