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  1. HuwTheSarge

    SM front brake caliper upgrade?

    if anyone is looking for a 320 set up with Talon relocation bracket, I am your man !
  2. HuwTheSarge

    SM front brake caliper upgrade?

    gniewko I have a 320mm disc and relocation bracket for the calliper, it will of course use the standard calliper set up but the braking efficiency is really about the increase in diameter (turning moments in reverse). Let me know if you are interested ?
  3. HuwTheSarge

    DRZ-SK Help !

    SK it is and an 03 model, but you are right it is an S not an SM nor an E, and once again you are right the calliper brackets are the same for all 3 models but mine has been modified to take 320mm disc. Now if you have tried braking down a 1:2 scree incline with 40% more braking than you actually need you will know why I want to revert to the correct diameter disc, hence my request . If I were interested in burning Tarmac, doing stoppies and wheelies and all those other cliche street boy things, I would be delighted with the dustbin size disc. My question was whether there is a yearning street boy out there that wants to do a swap with me ?
  4. HuwTheSarge

    DRZ-SK Help !

    Help, I am in the UK and have an SK model which has been converted to Super Moto 320mm front disc. I want it back to the original disc but now need the correct calliper bracket. Does anyone have one that they want to sell ? Is anyone looking to do a SuperMoto conversion and want to swap parts ? Huw