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  1. fashizzle


    If you have limited funds I would not worry about a big bore just yet. Start in the drz400 faq section and read up there first. The 3x3 mod is VERY well documented here and is well worth doing and does only require a small jetting change when going to a aftermarket exhasut system later on. Spend lots of time in that faq section and learn to use the search on this site and you will have many happy years of modding infront of you. Enjoy!
  2. fashizzle

    Las Vegas to Rio on DRZ

    Sure you can. If your crazy like this guy. http://www.motivation-tools.com/adventures/darien_gap.htm
  3. fashizzle

    Throttle cables stick

    I removed my return cable.
  4. fashizzle

    Eddie, do you do suspension also?

    Eddie did mine a couple years ago and I am very happy with it. My engine is next.
  5. fashizzle

    Bought a bum 400E from a friend

    I would be happy if I bought a 2004 and the only problem was a $120 coolant leak.
  6. fashizzle

    Big Bore Kits Kill DRZ Motors!

    a little off topic but I hadn't heard this comment before... "change the inner o-ring on the oil filter". Should I be doing this??
  7. fashizzle

    Scary Seat Height

    Try cutting down the seat foam first since it is a cheap way to get yourself closer too the ground. Once you are comfortable on the bike just buy replacement seat foam. If you don't mind spending the money you could go with the Corbin which is very comfy but is expensive and a little goofy for tight trail riding. At your height though I wouldn't do anything drastic like a lowering link or supsension lowering. I am almost exactly the same height as you and I wen't through the exact same thing as you and so do many. I got use to the bike and now switched back to the stock seat which in my opinion is the best for off-road riding because you can switch between standing and sitting a little easier then if your seat is 2 inches lower. Not a whole lot but you can definetly aprpeciate it after a whole day of riding trails.
  8. fashizzle

    DRZ-400E Seat Height

    WarrenW, try just cutting out the seat first before modifying your suspenion. Cutting down your seat an inch or so you may find enough, I spent lots of money on the gel seat, corbin seat , and then finally cut down my stock and that worker the best for me. Funny thing is now I have gone back to the stock seat after riding the bike for a couple years. Also I did the lowering links and did not llike them. Just another opinion .
  9. fashizzle

    Unabiker Racing radiator guards

    I had clearance problems with the left bottom support bar on the guard and the header. Do some filing and grinding to make it fit. I slotted the holes for the support bar so I could slide it up and in just a bit.
  10. fashizzle

    Motostrano Sportsman Supermoto Conversion Kit

    Whats iffy about the warp 9 wheels? I know there is a long thread about them on here but I hadn't read anything negative about them.
  11. fashizzle

    Pipe suggestions, recomendations

    I have had both a yoshimura full system on an S model I use to have and I now have a muzzy full system on my E and both are sweet.
  12. fashizzle


    My local shop just got the SHOEI (sp) Hornet Dual Sport helmets in and they fit me really well. I have been wnating to get the Arai version but it just doesnt fit my head real well. The only thing keeping me from buying it is the price.
  13. fashizzle

    Re-jet WITH Potato in?

    I would just go ahead and do the 3x3 at the same time as the exhaust. It really wont take very long and you will be happy with the results.
  14. fashizzle

    Looking into buyin a drz couple of question

    2200 miles is very low for a bike of that age. I would really expect it to look and run like new and if so that sounds like a good price.
  15. fashizzle

    04' Klx 400

    You dont have to buy the first one you find. Look around and try to find what they are going for in your area. Prices may be very different there in Ontario. I can tell you though I wouldn't pay that much for one with that many miles here in Colorado. Good luck.