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  1. anyone have any info on this?
  2. Hi! So I bought an old KTM a few months ago that wasn't running, and fixed it up and got it running by cleaning the carbs out and getting a new air filter. I'm not the most knowledgeable about dirt bikes, but it seems to be running alright. I'm getting a some white smoke coming out the exhaust, and a little that is coming out of the bottom of the exhaust, but the thing I KNOW i need to fix is the handbrake cylinder. There is a plug in the cylinder that keeps falling out because it is so loose. I've looked at parts diagrams, but It doesn't seem to be included, even though there is an obvious hole in the cylinder for it (http://partsfinder.onlinemicrofiche.com/ktmworld/showmodel.asp?Type=13&make=ktmdb&a=7&b=4&c=0&d=-HANDBRAKE-CYLINDER) The massive hole in the housing on the top is where the plug should go but its not listed. Does anyone know how I would find this part? Thanks! The pictures are the little plastic plug and o-ring, and the hole in the handbrake where the plug goes.