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  1. Sitzpinkler

    2011 xc-f 250

    my 2011 250 XC-F has been very good to me, haven't had any issues since i bought it as a left over in fall of 2012. im on original top end and have only needed to adjust the valves once a lil over a year ago. i had it upto 80 mph with 13/50 gearing according to a gps app on my phone and im a heavier rider (200 lbs). currently i ride strictly motocross and i do not feel like my bike lacks much in acceleration or is holding me back. as far as hp probably around 35 since thats what the 2011/2012 250 SX-Fs made and the internal parts are almost all the same. if you would like some more input just ask and il try to help you out. bikes stock other then suspension revalved for motocross.
  2. Sitzpinkler

    pictures of XC's

  3. Sitzpinkler

    What sprocket?

    well im kinda doing it to test the waters before i replace everything. then il just get a corresponding rear sprocket depending on how i like the 12 in arenacross and i might hit up a motocross race on the way home and if i like it there then il get like a 52 or 53 rear.
  4. Sitzpinkler

    What sprocket?

    well i didn't feel like replacing everything for 1 race so il just try the 12 on the front
  5. Sitzpinkler

    What sprocket?

    honestly i have no clue man, im not really into the technical shit just like to go out and ride. sorry i kinda jacked your thread haha
  6. Sitzpinkler

    What sprocket?

    on the xcf-w how would you say 2nd and 3rd are? i was thinking about running 12/50 over 13/50 on my 250 xcf for arenacross
  7. Sitzpinkler

    RED BULL Graffix

    looking further at the n style ones they don't even have the bull they just put a red circle or something
  8. Sitzpinkler

    RED BULL Graffix

    check out n-style i think they had some red bull graphics but i don't know about 2015s graphics
  9. Sitzpinkler

    KTM 250 XC-F Year Model Differences

    i have a 2011 250 XC-F bought it as a left over in late 2012. been a damn good bike. 100% stock other then suspension revalved for mx. valves have only needed shimmed once in fall of 2013. still on original top end (no clue how many hours) most of the hours were all road riding and riding in fields, lots of top speed runs. and then motocross this year, so far its held up pretty good haven't had a problem yet!
  10. Sitzpinkler

    do you use the clutch while racing?

    i always use the clutch for down shifting and up shifting and when im braking. i try not to let off the gas when im shifting
  11. oh nice i was gonna persuade you even more twords the KTM , love the reliability of mine never had a problem, great bike i assume for woods but i never ride them, im strictly motocross (2011 250 XCF)
  12. have you made your decision? i love my 2011 250 XCF haven't had a problem with it, its a really good bike.
  13. Sitzpinkler

    Oil in the air boot? Why

    god im jelly
  14. Sitzpinkler

    Here she is

    damn nice i want that bike so bad