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  1. Decil Moto

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Outlaw racing TH07. Which are the 1 1/8 fat ar High 2. Plus they have the 7/8 to 1 1/8 fatbar adapter clamps on them. I like the setup. Feels great on the street and allows me to stand up while riding in the woods without be to hunched over.
  2. Decil Moto

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Just added a harbor freight apache "Waterproof" box. Needed a small box for the back that didn't look to ugly and I think this fits the bill decently. Cost 15 bucks and a couple bucks in hardware and it holds a bulky unbroken in pair of bilt riding gloves plus normal bike paperwork. Box latches with two latches and then has two spots to put small locks on it as well. I mainly did it since mornings are chilly and I need the bilt gloves and then afternoons or when I'm riding in the woods and I need my thinner icon short cuff gloves!
  3. Decil Moto

    The Hooligan Mod Thread

    Around 6000 miles on the setup and still running strong. I actually just took them off road at Enoree State OHV single track and they felt pretty decent, granted I wasn't bashing them hard-core!
  4. Decil Moto

    Street riders near Greenville, SC

    I might have too. I'll have to buy another set of knobbies though 🤦‍♂️
  5. Decil Moto

    Street riders near Greenville, SC

    Haha yes sir! For 26 years! Now I'm down here working and loving the better weather!
  6. Haven't really been on the forums in years, but still rocking my forum built DRZ (Gs500 Supermoto conversion, cvk40 mod, and countless other forum mods) Have looked through a bunch of threads, most dead now or about mx riding, about riding groups or solos around Greenville/Spartanburg SC area. I'm new to the area and had good riding buddies back home, but haven't been able to find any here. Seen plenty of Zs around town while I'm in my car, but never when I'm out on my Z. So if you or anyone are in the Greenville/Spartanburg area let me know and maybe we can meet up for a ride and show me some solid roads around here!! Happy riding!
  7. Decil Moto

    DRZ400 CL finds

    Why the hell so cheap? That truck is worth 4k around here and the bike 2-2.5k. Both must be missing title and last time it moved was 75 and 2001
  8. Decil Moto

    Can I do better for $425? (BBK)

    388 on amazon right now
  9. Decil Moto

    FloridasFinest DRZ400S to supermoto/build thread?

    Not 100% sure about all warp nines but they'll need to be same axle size I believe the drz is 20mm (if not you can fit new bearings to adjust). You'll also need new wheel spacers (if these use the same ktm hub as the drz ones then you can just buy the warp9 kit most likely) as the stockers won't fit. Also depending on what size rotors he has you'll also need caliper relocator brackets to adjust if it's a BB rotors.
  10. Decil Moto

    2016 DRZ400sm Stock

    it's the same bike and of it fits an 05sm it'll fit your 2016 and probably your 2026 Drz400sm
  11. Decil Moto

    DRZ 400SM [2008] Graphics Kit template?

    I think he wants one with graphics already on it......but thank you for the blank link!
  12. Decil Moto

    Anyone ever tried this exhaust?

    Thanks for the post man! Those exhaust come in straight black so what is the carbon print on it?
  13. Decil Moto

    The Hooligan Mod Thread

    Well I was curious and did some digging. Turns out it was just the caliper piston sticking so I pulled the caliper apart, waxed it and the pin, put it all back together, bled the system and no audible dragging.
  14. Decil Moto

    The Hooligan Mod Thread

    I can't tell if the video link isn't working. So if it isn't let me know and I'll try a different way to repost it.
  15. Decil Moto

    The Hooligan Mod Thread

    Should my rear brakes be dragging this much? Took the wheels off to plasti dip them and when I put them back on, then took it for a ride, they were dragging, so I change brake fluid and bled them and they still are dragging. Also it is just the pads dragging as you can press the piston back in and there is no dragging or audible noise! http://s1262.photobucket.com/user/217ruck/media/DRZ%20400/20160707_133624_1.mp4.html