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  1. The one thing I like about sand dunes is that there ever-changing, yes the trail going up a hill is going to be changing the more you ride on it, but its still the same hill .. In the dunes the wind always blows them around so they'll never be the same.. Also I was at dumont once and came across a bowl, like a perfect bowl, it was so much fun leaning as far as I could and railing it.. the little/odd things like that make dunes fun, at least for me
  2. Xr 200 is a good choice, and I agree with buying used.
  3. In my experience, pismo sand WILL get everywhere and does not want to come off
  4. I remember reading an article in racer x similar to this, I think it was from 2007, anyway, what happened was they brought a china bike to run a national, and well it broke. I don't recall reading about it going past lap 1. If I can find that magazine again. I'll post it
  5. My friend still rides his dads kx500 and he says the same thing, he just tractors it everywhere, up anything. Just by watching and listening to the bike, I can tell you have to ride the 500 in a different way. 500's are like pitbulls to me, great dogs if you treat them well, but if you abuse them, they will bite the sh*t out of you.
  6. That's awesome man, can't wait to see this thing come along, and I'm sure I'll see you at Carnegie one of these days
  7. Same here, I've always been able to find a group that is more then willing to ride with someone else.
  8. The 380 is a good one, I got to ride my buddy's that was for sale & when I offered him his asking price, he wouldn't let it go in the end. I don't blame him
  9. When I need a bearing, I take the old bearing to a bearing manufacturer, here they're called "bearing engineering" .. I needed a linkage bearing for my 125 &the oem bearing was $30, bearing engineering charged me $9.
  10. Can't help with the graphics search but you have a great bike
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