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  1. ricky racer

    #3 #94 #21 #25 Titles

    I think Kenny will have a good year indoors and be a threat to the title. I would love for Barcia to have a mistake free year!
  2. ricky racer

    ST2.0 timing info?

    When I bought my ST2.5 he gave me the intake centerline to set it up.
  3. ricky racer

    Another Lectron topic ??

    I still use the Red one in the heat of the summer up in the Gifford
  4. ricky racer

    Another Lectron topic ??

    This right here! Fix the 2+mm of squish gap and put the Mikuni back on. Nothing wrong with that carb. I was still not happy with the stock needles and ended up using a Blue JD needle. I have two 2018 husky 300's in my shop with exactly the same mods except for my bike has a RK head and my brothers has a stock head still. Guess which one starts,idles and responds to jetting better? Also the pull from idle through the mid is much better stronger with the RK head! My brother is getting his stock head cut for Christmas by RK he just doesn't know it yet
  5. ricky racer

    36mm Keihin On 2018 TX300

    Not even sure how you could get that from my post! HAHAHAHAHA
  6. Or fix the squish. Stock carb is fine. Exactly. Even the stock head cut to provide around 1.3mm squish would be better then swapping a carb haha I used a RK and Love it. I also had my bike running pretty good just had a weak idle and soft right of idle. Not anymore! Set my float loop the over flow hose and jetted the dam thing. I did try many needles and like the Blue JD the best. I found no need for any slide cutting.
  7. ricky racer

    Air filters: UNI vs. TwinAir

    You ever had No Toil on our hands? Would be easier to get the WALL funded by Hillary her self then get No Toil off your hands! hahahahaha
  8. ricky racer

    Air filters: UNI vs. TwinAir

    I didn't like the way the pro filter fit/didn't fit my 230. No Toil is the way to go! Inexpensive never had dirt pass one or any other properly oiled filter for that matter and way easy to clean with oxy clean. No Toil for the win!!!!!!!!!!
  9. ricky racer

    Gloves for PNW winter

    $17.31 on Amazon! Look for Tusk mittens
  10. ricky racer

    Gloves for PNW winter

    Tusk hand mitts when it gets to freezing. With those you can us reg mx gloves and stay plenty warm
  11. ricky racer

    RK Tek Head - 2018 TC250

    That's the way I feel about the RK on my TX300! Funny I live across the river from Riverdale hahaha I'm still messing with the jetting on mine. 27.5 pilot JD Blue needle 2nd clip and a 440 main runs clean and pulls very hard. I also raised the cylinder by stacking the base gaskets. Stock was a .5mm and I added a .75mm and Kelsey cut the head accordingly. Was his suggestion and I like it! Also running the red PV spring butter smooth but pulls like an open class bike
  12. ricky racer

    Out to build the baddest 230F on the planet

    It would be a good start as I'm thinking of letting it go. The kid is getting the RMX250 I'm building.
  13. ricky racer

    Hydrogen power supply? [emoji848]

    Nothing like sitting on a Hydrogen bomb in traffic bahahahahaha
  14. ricky racer

    Out to build the baddest 230F on the planet

    Baddest crf230 ever? You could just buy mine hahaha
  15. ricky racer

    Manual Cam Chain Tensioner Bummer

    I would just stick the valve in a drill press and use a soft blow to move it around. Use your mag dial indicator to get real close and then face the valve. Fix the valve pocket and live happily ever after👍