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  1. ricky racer

    2019 tx300 idling in gear issue

    Try bleeding the clutch.
  2. ricky racer

    230F and Hare Scrambles

    Guts tall seat in soft med or hard and guts gripper seat cover. I did mine myself with a Harbor freight air stapler and watching a video of Ryan Villopotos old mechanic doing a cover. Was real easy.
  3. Please see last post😂Up till the last good description I got from what sounds like a seasoned rider I have not found a need but have not spent more than 30 minutes on each bike I tried them on. I myself have 37 years of riding the nasty stuff around the great PNW and many years racing flat track up to the pro level and just have not found a need period BUT after the most excellent description from keykeeper I may try one later on in life I am only 43 so my left hand and right foot still function correctly 😁👍 there will come a day I struggle and will most definitely try one out then. Hope I still don’t sound like I’m bashing them😎 ^^^^^^^
  4. ricky racer

    I have a few 2018/19-tx/te 300?

    I used a Trail Tech X2 light and one of their switches.
  5. ricky racer

    walker valley tires

    Same here. When I was still racing some MX back in 07-08 I tried a big tire on the front of my KX450 and hated it. Was reluctant to try one again but have and love them off road! If I raced my TX on a MX track around here I would go back to a S12 in the front 90/90. Also went to a 140/80 rear for 8.5mm more height to match the front so my steering would stay as sharp as possible but still get the other benefits of the fatty front. Lots more traction +tubless oh my
  6. ricky racer

    walker valley tires

    Nice! I will definitely try the GT front next then thanks!
  7. ricky racer

    walker valley tires

    Just getting back on my TX300 after a severe head injury in June and went with Shinko fatty up front and M5B EVO 140/80 rear. Tubeless front and rear. Liking 8psi front and 5psi rear right now. Talk about holy traction! Always use a M5B in the winter but this is the first time I've tried the EVO. The Shinko fatty up front has me thinking that's all I need year around. Bring on the Gnar mud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. ricky racer

    The GP100 Challenge

    Wow that's an impressive loop considering its the (hard) direction! Can your whole group ride up the rock face of Langille? I'm definitely not in that physical condition currently LOL
  9. ricky racer

    The GP100 Challenge

    My brother and I would be up for it but will have to put fuel out and plan ahead as you will be finishing in the dark. I've never done more then 50-60 miles in a day there! Definitely need the following day or two off to recover hahaha. Shoot might have to ride all night to get 100 miles up there! How about 100 miles in a weekend hahaha?
  10. ricky racer

    I have a few 2018/19-tx/te 300?

    Getting 32 miles per gallon riding single track with a little logging road back to truck. Both my TX and my brother TE have all the same mods and JD jetting. Going to do the quench next as I know its not right. I like my AER forks better but I slam into things haha. He likes his re valved Xplor forks for the way he rides. He's a little more technical.
  11. ricky racer

    Pain & More Pain

    Bummer dude. My wife went through back surgery last December for similar problems and still has some issues but more relief now. No way she can even ride her quad for more then 20-30 minutes at a time. Hope you can continue what you love to do on 2wheels!
  12. ricky racer

    RK tek head and shoulders above the rest!

    The oem head you tried was it the Tusk one? Thanks.
  13. Yes my 18 TX came with the shorter bolts and boots. It is my understanding the TX does not come with the tool kit as it comes with the air pump
  14. Sweet! This is what I was looking for. Those are some big pluses that I was not able to come up with when riding a bike with one for a very limited time! Perfect and it makes me want to try one for more then a few minutes ;) Thank you very much!
  15. Thank you for the explanation. So it helps someone that is maybe less experienced or to lazy to learn how to use a clutch. Got it. Why would I want or need a handle bar mounted rear brake? My foot does a wonderful job as its supposed to be on the peg anyway not flailing around off the peg lol. I was never bashing the product I was just trying to see what people liked about it other then the lame answers of I don't stall anymore or helps when I get tired. I have tried several bikes with them and only came away with things I did not like so thought maybe I was really missing something. I don't like the way it free wheels close to idle. I don't like the way it free wheels with a dead engine and I felt the clutch action while the bike was running was less than stellar. Felt grabby to me. Sorry for asking questions nobody seems to have the answers too. Thanks.