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  1. joethedirtbikerkid

    2005 crf450 and 2007 crf450 changes?

    I have a 05 crf450 and im getting ready to look and possibly buy another 450 but its an 07 crf450 what changes and improvements have been made on these bikes?
  2. joethedirtbikerkid

    1985 cr500 idle adjustment

    I have a 1985 cr500 cant start it which way is it to adjust the idle up I forgot in or out? It started last week but I didn't let it idle because I had to fix the kick starter.
  3. joethedirtbikerkid

    1985 cr500

    I got the clutch cover were its not leaking but I know its not gana last long.
  4. joethedirtbikerkid

    1985 cr500

    What parts do u have for it?
  5. joethedirtbikerkid

    1985 cr500

    How much for the cover?
  6. joethedirtbikerkid

    1985 cr500 kick starter assembly

    Ok so I got my cr500 started finally I have a problem with the kick starter it is in a weird position to begin with when I start the bike up it flops up and down from the 11 oclock position to 2 oclock position and it wont stay in the position that it is supposed to be I already took the case off and tried to load the spring on the kick starter. I am a amateur at this so I need some one to help me out and tell me how to load the spring properly I will post a picture to show u the position that the kickstarter is at right now. If possible can someone post a pic of the spring and shaft, how its supposed to be im not getting any help from cr500riders right at the moment.
  7. joethedirtbikerkid

    1985 cr500

    Ill post some pics this weekend.
  8. joethedirtbikerkid

    1985 cr500

    Getting ready to put back together my bike tomorrow, then see if she runs or not. I put titanium epoxy on the clutch cover where the water housing is and its look good, likes it's not going to leak. I got all my parts in today, include clutch plates, new rear fender, new seat cover and grips wish me luck I'm looking forward to riding this beast if it runs.I will post some pics as soon as it is complete with a new seat cover for sure this weekend!
  9. joethedirtbikerkid

    Yz426f being a female dog

    I wonder how someone broke that? Show me a pic of the new carb?
  10. joethedirtbikerkid

    Yz426f being a female dog

    Ok good luck
  11. joethedirtbikerkid

    Yz426f being a female dog

    Did u say ur bike is not idling off choke all you have to do is clean your jets out with a wire the might full of crap and u dont have to take the top of the carb nothing internal to fix that take apart just the bowl take a flat head and screw out the jets and clean them with a wire and spray brake cleaner through them and try it then.
  12. joethedirtbikerkid

    Yz426f being a female dog

    Why?? just had to buy another jet at a parts store or Internet just saying
  13. joethedirtbikerkid

    Yz426f being a female dog

    When u put the float back on just make sure the float and needle move up and down real easy without getting stuck and take and spray brake cleaner in every hole and make sure when u spray that it comes out some other hole smoothly. And u can get that screw out real easy with a vise grip be patient you'll get it.
  14. joethedirtbikerkid

    Yz426f being a female dog

    Yeah take a irwin vice grip that can get in that small space to take the screw out, thats how I deal with stripped screws.